Former US President Donald Trump visited police officers in New York to commemorate September 11th. They asked him about another candidacy – and Trump had an answer.

Political Washington has been puzzling since Donald Trump lost his election as to whether the entrepreneur will run again. In several appearances he made hints, but without being clear. Last Saturday, the ex-president visited a police station in New York – instead of taking part in the official memorial service.

After brief critical remarks about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Trump asked the police officers to ask him questions. “You have heard so many words, all you hear are words,” he said, “and these eventually become meaningless when some politicians speak.”

And the very first question was “a difficult question” for him. A police officer wanted to know whether he would run for president again. “Trump said he knew what he wanted, but could not actually speak because of financial losses in the last election campaign – it is an investigation. He could only say this much:” You will be very pleased “and referred to his successes in business and politics, only to then criticize the withdrawal from Afghanistan again.


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