Renault-Fiat, collaboration closed for the Talento van – Mondo Auto

Thanks to an agreement signed under the leadership of the former CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn, the French car manufacturer was producing the Fiat Talento vans in its Sandouville plant in France, at least since 2016. Today this collaboration was brought to a final conclusion by Renault, as the merger between FCA and PSA’s rivals is imminent, to form a new large group that will be called Stellantis.

The decision was announced by the deputy chief executive officer Clotilde Delbos. “We are ending some contracts, including the one with Fiat. We will consider entering into new such contracts with other brands at the end of the closing process of previous agreements“, He explained in a conference call. Renault had taken over the contract for the production of compact vans for Fiat in France from PSA in 2014. It is not entirely clear, as reported by the Reuters news agency, whether the contract between Renault and Fiat for the Talento model has reached its natural conclusion or has instead received an early closure: details on the duration of that stipulation were not disclosed.

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Car manufacturers tend to enter into production agreements of this type in order to use their specialized factories as much as possible, but in this case the conflict of interest between Renault and PSA, with the Losanga house having no intention of giving any advantage to rivals.

in the meantime antitrust regulators of the European Commission are examining the large market share of FCA and PSA in the segment of small vans and have expressed concern on this front, in view of a strengthening of both on this type of models. Concessions may be required from both brands to have a more competitive market situation. PSA will complete its merger with the FCA group by the end of the first quarter of 2021.