Renault 4: we reveal what it will cost and new keys to the SUV, the 4 Cans of the 21st Century (VIDEO)

Renault 4: we reveal what it will cost and new keys to the SUV, the 4 Cans of the 21st Century (VIDEO)


Sport The great value of the Renault 4 is its past, the history of its 8 million units sold and its users all over the world, and Renault wants to do just that again with the Renault 4 of the future: HISTORY. Long live 4 Cans! They tell us in first person their estimated price and what will be under the hood. Attentive!

The future Renault 4, in VIDEO

Myths never die, and if anyone knows anything about it, it’s it. Luca de Meo, President of Renault. A look at the past brings us back to great automobile icons, such as the Renault 4 and 5, although now enrolled in a new mobility ecosystem in which, according to Luca, any resemblance to reality will be mere coincidence. At least, these two nice vehicles will be able to boast the most authentic retro design while preserving their aesthetic DNA, reincarnating itself in the utility and urban crossover of the future. Now, yes hierarchies are reversed because the Renault 4 will be one step above the Renault 5 both in dimensions and in commercial positioning, of which we already have a more than fine-tuned approximation.

Sport Renault 4 Electric. Launch in 2025 for a price of 30,000 euros

El hoy Renault 4Ever Trophy that you can see in the video that we leave you in this same news production will begin in 2024 in Francelike all the electric ones of the brand, just at the moment in which Renault starts selling the electric Renault 5with some estimated prices for this model of 25,000 euros. 30,000 euros is the price that the brand now estimates the Renault 4 Electric can cost which will begin to be sold just a year later, progressively relieving both of the current Renault Clio and Captur, although seeking a progressive transformation of propulsion technologies, Renault intends to maintain at least one generation more Clio based on the current one and with combustion engines, which should start to be sold from 2026.

sport Renault 4Ever Trophy
Renault 4Ever Trophy

By then, the parity of prices between the combustion car and the electric one will not have arrived even when Renault will use basic-range, cobalt-free batteries in its access electric carsto achieve the most competitive prices possible, globally reducing production costs by up to a 30 percent compared to the current Renault ZOE. Although parallel to the development of these two new cars, the brand will also work on new formulas for financing or payment for use through installments that will dilute the apparent cost of the car.

The batteries will also be manufactured in France, with cells supplied by Envisionand initially a single pack with a capacity 42 kWh and around 400 km km for the two carsalso powered by a common engine of 100 kW of power, 136 CV.

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Sport From the Renault 4Ever Trophy to the 4 Electric, next steps

for now, the Renault 4Ever Trophy has achieved its goal: it has been the focus of attention and has become a desirable vehicle, something not strange because of the appearance of this show-car, not a concept, that Renault has presented at the Paris Salon… the difference, Renault points out, is that its image is an approximation of the most real to the production car. Spectacular, yes; Click the video and give us your opinion.

sport Renault 4Ever Trophy
Renault 4Ever Trophy

Of design, keep everything that is already finished in sheet metal and you will have a clear vision of the master forms of the Renault 4 Electric, being especially conspicuous the originality with which the front grille, rear lights, rear wings and, in general, the entire profile silhouette have been redesigned. Renault leaves the cockpit as a surprise factor, today for the moment an inaccessible model in which a sheet of methacrylate will give way to a fully digitized cockpit through a double screen that will be extended on the dashboard and in which all the technologies of the new Renault Mégane E-Tech electric.

Del show car The length, 4.16 meters, and the wheelbase, 2.57, will also be respected. meters, although not the disproportionate width and height of more than 1.90 meters due to the props with which it has tried to give a certain image of a buggy to commemorate the 4L Trophy, a mythical solidarity rally that commemorates its 25th anniversary this year… Although similar proportions they hint at another great novelty that will arrive in the Renault range from 2026 and will reincarnate again a practical commercial van, although this time, with a new orientation more inclined towards leisure. Kangoo or Express?

This will be the Renault 4.

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