Renata Litvinova reported the misfortune

And a few hours before that, she wrote about leaving

Living now in Paris Renata Litvinova left a scary message. Now fans are wondering what happened to the actress, who left Russia.

First, Renata Litvinova wrote on her blog: “I leave with a sense of accomplishment”.

When fans bombarded the actress with questions asking her to clarify what was going on, she made a more chilling statement. “Misfortunes have begun – get ready for new ones” – said the star of the series “Border. Taiga novel. However, she did not shed light on what kind of misfortune happened.

Now living in Paris, Renata Litvinova left a frightening message. Photo: Social networks of the actress

Note that the artist currently lives in the capital of France. She bought an apartment in Paris a few years ago. Duplex apartment of 100 sq. meters are estimated by realtors at 50 million rubles.

Near the house of Renata – the Seine River, Arc de Triomphe, numerous boutiques. Housing is furnished to the taste of the hostess and her daughter Ulyana. The living room has a fireplace and a balcony overlooking the Boulevard Bon Nouvelle. “It’s good to go outside in the evenings. You will never be alone. Even at night. Shops, cafes and pharmacies are always open. I used to think everything died out on weekends, but it wasn’t real France. Now I live in the realshe shared.

The apartments are divided into two parts. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms for Litvinova and her 20-year-old heiress, who is studying at the Royal Academy of Arts in Belgium. “In Paris, I fell in love with just living. I have a shortage of time, I feel more and more acutely that I am finite. I want to do everything…” – admitted a celebrity.

Main PHOTO: Evgenia Guseva

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