Remi Gaillard is still attacking radars and the police

The comedian Rémi Gaillard still attacks the radars and as usual, it annoys the police.

We no longer present Rémi Gaillard, this humorist who became famous on the Internet a few years ago thanks to his videos where he often did anything. For him, the automobile and speed cameras were a recurring subject of inspiration, especially when he disguised himself as a fixed speed camera and triggered a false flash when a police vehicle passed.

This time he’s back for his Christmas video and once again fixed speed cameras are the focus of the footage. He uses them to make very special shots and even wraps them in giant gifts.

The gendarmes arrive

As always, his actions end up attracting the attention of the police. This time again, his actions on fixed radars are not really appreciated by the gendarmes in particular. It remains to be seen whether Remi Gaillard was taken to the station for these acts.

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