Rembrandt’s Banner Bearer is going on tour and can be seen in all provinces

150 million euros from the state coffers

The Standard Bearer was, according to experts, the most important work by Rembrandt that was still in private hands. The masterpiece was acquired from the French Rothschild banking family for 175 million euros. The State paid 150 million euros; the Rembrandt Association and the Rijksmuseum Fund paid for the remaining 25 million euros.

The House of Representatives had to approve the purchase of the 400-year-old masterpiece. That worked, but the parties did have difficulty with the timing of the purchase. The piece was purchased in the middle of the corona crisis.

There was also a lack of understanding from society about the purchase. The art sector suffered heavily from the corona crisis and it was said from various sides that the money for The Standard Bearer could have been better used to help ailing artists and art institutions.



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