Remarkable expressions in Bahçeli’s Ramadan Feast message! He made reference to Kılıçdaroğlu’s words “I have a fight”

The Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party, Devlet Bahçeli, shared a message on the occasion of the Eid al-Fitr, which will be celebrated on Monday.

“While we are saddened and saddened by the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, on the other hand, our hearts are beating with the peace, concern, hope and joy of reaching the Eid days. Eid is a basin of brotherhood that brings broken hearts together, and an oasis of peace that brings resentful and resentful bodies together.” Bahceli said, referring to CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu without giving a name.


Reacting to the words of the CHP leader, “I have a big fight that I have saved for this people. We will fight with those who fill the country with illegal asylum seekers, with the gangs that cut off the electricity of millions, with these rents, with this inflation, in short, with those who sold the country,” Bahçeli said: The most lasting message and the most effective resistance is the vastness of the spirit and spirit of the holiday. It is the relationship of common sense, the institution of sincerity, and a distinguished period of happiness and peace.”

The continuation of Bahçeli’s message is as follows:

“Above all and above all, the holiday is an exceptional good news of a national and spiritual embrace. It is obvious that we need the will, will and spiritual opportunities of these blessed days in the face of difficult and difficult issues that we are exposed to. It is obvious that our holiday is one, our flag is one, our qibla is one, our destiny is one. Our state, which is our private garden, and our nation are one. I have full and complete belief that the cursed circles that have plagued the Turkish nation’s right to life and existence will be neutralized with the power of national unity and brotherhood, and that the feast will add strength to our strength with the climate of love and affection. We have to respond hand in hand and heart to heart against arrogant mentalities.

The freaks who make history as false witness without seeing their own understanding of tyranny and unprincipled pursuits are the stigmatized authors of national and moral destruction. With the unshakable character of our national unity, there is no other option but to take a stand against the internal and external conflicts that want to block Turkey’s way through hostile scenarios projected in foreign capitals and are focused on shortening their lives. The internal peace and tranquility of our country will be meticulously maintained. No one, no focus will be able to hinder or shackle our growing and rising Turkey, whose area of ​​attraction and attraction is constantly expanding. We will fight all kinds of difficulties with the help and wisdom of the holiday.


Relying on each other, taking inspiration from each other, and thereby further developing our circle of tolerance and love, we will break the traps of political cripples who have become prisoners of anger and hatred. Of course, we will not forget that those who defend the enemies of Turkey hurt the Turkish nation and try to deny it. With the success of the fight against COVID-19, I am pleased to witness that the sun will rise this holiday, the elders will be visited and the little ones will be loved. Distances will be erased with the Armed Womb, and the meetings, meetings and warm smiles that we miss, I hope, will cover all corners of our country like rainbow colors. In the past, we commemorate our heroic martyrs with mercy and respect; I sincerely congratulate the holiday of our martyr mothers, martyr fathers and martyrs’ relatives.

I offer my best wishes to our veterans, and I wish a happy holiday to those who are still under treatment. Wherever they live, I congratulate the blessed Eid al-Fitr of my esteemed citizens, the great Turkish nation and the Turkish-Islamic world, who have shouldered the burden of life at home and abroad, and offer my greetings and respect. Celebrate every day. God help us and get half. I pray that no hand extended this holiday will be turned down, and our peace and brotherhood will exist forever.

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