Remains found in the Sonora desert are not the son of a searching mother: Prosecutor's Office

Remains found in the Sonora desert are not the son of a searching mother: Prosecutor's Office

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Los remains found last Thursday for a mother seeker in the state of Sonorado not correspond to your sonreported this Monday the prosecution General of State Justice (FGJE).

Last Thursday, the activist Cecilia Patricia Flores Armentaleader of Collective Mothers Searching for the Disappeared in Sonoralocated some remains which presumably corresponded to one of her two missing childrenMarco Antonio Sauceda Rocha, whose body was abandoned in the Sonoran desert.

Through a statement, the prosecution reported that genetic samples from the skeleton found in the sonoran desert they do not coincide with those of his mother and therefore do not correspond to his son.

“Negative to the DNA confrontation with Cecilia Flores, leader of the Mothers Seekers collective, is the result of the Forensic Scientific Intelligence Laboratory, of the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office, of the analyzes of bone remains located on May 4,” reported the authorities.

In this regard, the mother seeker, as thousands of women who move around the country in the hope of finding their disappeared children are known in Mexico, regretted that she still will not be able to “take home” the remains of her son and advanced that he will continue in the search because he also needs to find Alejandro.

“I’m still looking, I’m still fighting, I’m going to continue the tireless search to bring my son back home, but I’m also going to fight for the authorities to do their search and investigation work,” the woman told EFE.

“I am going to fight for Marco Antonio to return to his house, I am going to continue searching in that property from where the information comes to me anonymously, assuring that my son is there,” he added.

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Work and risks of seeking mothers

Currently the seeking mothers of Sonora They have a record of more than 7,000 missing persons, of which more than 2,000 have been found dead in clandestine graves.

On April 17, the activist was reported missing after being held incommunicado for searching along the coast, accompanied by State Police agents who always guard her.

For her work, the activist Flores Armenta has been threatened by the Sinaloa Cartel, the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and “La Plaza” of drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero, criminal groups that operate in northwestern Mexico.

On May 2, Teresa Magueyal, a mother who was looking for her missing son in the state of Guanajuato, central Mexico, was murdered in the San Miguel Octopan community, located in the municipality of Celaya, where her son José Luis disappeared in April of 2020.

Magueyal became the first activist of her kind to lose her life this year.

In 2022, according to figures from the Mexican government, 5 activists searching for missing persons were murdered.

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