Relief for Julio Urías? Dodgers’ manager announced that a pitcher had lost his spot on the team


After failing to save the final three games in MLB 2022, a Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher has lost his spot on the team, Dave Roberts confirmed. Relief for Julio Urías?

Dave Roberts and Craig Kimbrel
© Harry How/Getty ImagesDave Roberts and Craig Kimbrel

Los Angeles Dodgers so smugly qualified for the postseason MLB 2022 that he has enough time to fine tune the details and leave him the slightest chance to do his thing in the Playoffs. Under this premise, Dave Roberts, team manager, made an announcement. relief for Julius Uriah?

For an appetizer like Urías or Clayton Kershaw There is no greater guarantee than having a bullpen to back them up. And not to mention the closer, the one responsible for putting a lock on a victory that can be decisive in cases like e.g. loose MLB Playoffs 2022. The Dodgers no longer have a pitcher at this position.

Dave Roberts made it clear that while it is true that they are enjoying the present after winning the ninth National League Western Division title in the last 10 seasons in the MLB, the main goal is to win the World Series. Is that why you removed the position of the pitcher in question?

The Dodgers manager once again showed his hand doesn’t shake when it comes to striking out a pitcher, even if he’s the same rotation ace throughout the 2022 MLB season and after explaining why he won’t let Julio Urías continued during the fifth inning of the September 22 game, Roberts made the announcement that he took the job away from the pitcher who was the closer for the Los Angeles team.

Relief for Uriah? Dodgers manager announced that a pitcher has lost his job

As reported by Juan Toribio of, Dave Roberts said this Craig Kimbrel he ceased to be the team’s closer after posting 22 saves in 57 games with a 4.14 earned run percentage through the day of September 23, 2022. In addition, the Los Angeles Dodgers manager maintained that they’re not going to hire a pitcher to be in charge of closing the games, as they will give the opportunity to multiple launchers. relief for Julius Uriah?

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