Person 5 was one of the most successful titles from Atlus. The company immediately took advantage of the game’s success, especially with other games. The Persona 5 cast was not just in Q2 person included, she also received her own sequel in Person 5: Scramblewho had a really explosive trailer.

What distinguishes Persona 5: Scramble is how much the gameplay differs from Persona 5. While P5 has stuck to the traditional Persona formula since Persona 3, Scramble differs from this. Scramble has the recurring line-up and story of Persona 5, but plays like a glove Dynasty Warriors-Game. This is probably due to the fact that, together with the developers of this game from Koei Tecmo was created together. After the events of Persona 5, the player takes control of the phantom thieves and fights against mysterious enemies across Japan.

Many fans of Persona or especially Persona 5 really wanted to get their hands on Scramble. While the game was released in Japan on February 20, there was no official release announcement in the west. However, it appears that some inside information has confirmed that publication in the West will take place in the future. Several sources, from Twitter to the Persona Central website, have translated Koei Tecmo’s annual report for 2019. The report describes several of the company’s upcoming plans, one of which indicates that Persona 5: Scramble is planned to be released in the West.

As it is a translation of an internal document, this is not considered an official announcement. Even if the publication is given as planned, no fixed is mentioned. While fans can expect Scramble to be released in the West, there is no certainty when they can expect it. Plans can change, of course, but it seems unlikely. Everything else related to P5, from Persona 5 Royal to Joker’s Amiibo, is already available worldwide or on the way there.