“Rejoice, you will be a millionaire” The price of old coins and places to sell them reach more than 60 thousand pounds

The price of ancient coins, there has been a lot of controversy in the recent period about the prices of ancient coins and their sale in auctions worth thousands of pounds, as the activity of selling them has achieved great prosperity, because it is the most development witnessed in history, and currency activity witnessed a significant expansion in the local and electronic market The old coins no longer have a market for buying and selling, so it is not possible to buy basic products with them, but it is possible to benefit from them otherwise by selling them at auction or in the markets that demand those currencies.

old coins price

The process of displaying old coins and banknotes aims to achieve the greatest benefit to sellers and buyers because it is one of the colors of the ancient heritage that must be preserved, and there are many coins that have already become widespread among everyone and can be sold easily, including the briza coin that was dealt with a lot over the years The past, but it has now been completely canceled, and its price has reached more than thirty thousand Egyptian pounds.

The price of the five piaster coin

As for the five piasters coin, it is one of the currencies that has also expired and was widespread in the past years, and many called it the shilling, and it is sold in the Khan Al-Khalili markets for the equivalent of 25 Egyptian pounds, and with regard to the five millim coin, it is one of the oldest coins that is considered one of the ancient currencies. Therefore, they are sold at auctions with a value of 15 thousand Egyptian pounds.



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