Reinforcement of the Shock Plan in mental health to improve emotional well-being

The expansion of the shock plan to face the emotional effects caused by covid-19, with an investment of three million euros, includes specific measures for the prevention of youth suicide, psychological support for adults and training in mental health for community agents in the districts to recognize and detect cases of emotional distress.

In Catalonia, between 2019 and 2020, the suicide attempt among those under 18 years of age has increased: from 473 suicide attempts in 2019 to 601 in 2020. To prevent it, a instant messaging service with specialized teams to serve adolescents and young people, and a mobile application will also be created with content and practical information for suicide prevention. These initiatives are in addition to the free telephone service to prevent suicide (900 925 555), which operates 24 hours a day.

To offer psychological support to the adult population, six points of attention, linked to mental health centers for adults, which will be deployed in neighborhoods with the most disadvantaged socioeconomic indicators. They will be open spaces, without prior appointment, similar to the points of attention of the Konsulta’m program for young people. Courses and workshops will also be given to improve emotional well-being.

To recognize and detect from the community fabric cases of emotional distress, the districts will offer a basic training in mental health aimed at leisure monitors, homes, dining rooms and sports spaces and to volunteers in neighborhood entities and associations.

Within the framework of the Neighborhood Plan and in collaboration with the mental health tables of the districts, four comprehensive plans for the prevention and improvement of emotional well-being in four priority neighborhoods. The first will be implemented in the neighborhoods of the Zona Nord-Ciutat Meridiana, Vallbona and Torre Baró, in Nou Barris.

Balance of the crash plan promoted in May 2020

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To alleviate the emotional impact of covid-19 on citizens, the Barcelona City Council drew up the Mental Health Shock Plan, framed in the Mental Health Plan 2016-2022, and promoted a series of actions that are currently still in operation . Were created emotional support groups for accompaniment in grief and got under way the free phone for suicide prevention. For the elderly, one of the groups most affected by the pandemic, the municipal telecare service was reinforced, and with the initiative “You, how are you?” people between 70 and 84 years old who are not users of any service were contacted to assess their emotional well-being.

Regarding psychological support for young people, in 2021 the deployment of the Konsulta’m network to detect and preventively treat the psychological suffering of young people and adolescents between 12 and 22 years of age has been completed. There are currently eleven support points in operation, one in each district.