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Animal welfare and co. as a topic of referendums


IA total of seven referendums will be available for signature next week. The anti-corruption referendum and two against the currently suspended corona vaccination obligation as well as demands for higher unemployment benefits, an unconditional basic income, the end of live animal transport and measures for the mental health of young people can be supported online or in registration offices.

The goal of all referendum initiators is at least 100,000 signatures. Then Parliament has to deal with their concerns. Some requests came close to or over the 100,000 mark in the first phase, in which statements of support for the launch (at least 8,401 are required) are collected. These signatures are already considered a valid entry, so supporters of the first phase are not allowed to sign again in the entry week.

All other Austrians who are registered in a voter register can either sign online from May 2nd to 9th – using a mobile phone signature or citizen card. Or they go to one of the approximately 2,000 registration offices during office hours. There is at least one in every community. You can find out when the municipal offices, town halls and municipal district offices are open on the homepage of the Ministry of the Interior (

There is also a link to online registration. If you have any questions, you can also get information by telephone: The Ministry of the Interior has set up a toll-free hotline (on 0800 20 22 20 or from abroad +43 1 53126 2700) which can be reached during the registration week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The launched referendums in detail:

  • The anti-corruption referendum was launched in light of the discussions that followed the Ibiza U Committee. A group of prominent former politicians, lawyers and top officials around the representative Martin Kreutner (former head of the international anti-corruption academy) demands – formulated in 72 “suggestions” – reforms for more decency and integrity in politics, strengthening of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, modern anti-corruption and transparency legislation and measures in the media sector.
  • Two initiatives are opposed to the mandatory vaccination that was decided before it actually came into force (at least until the end of May). With “Vocational vote: NO respect!” the federal constitutional legislature should be asked to “implement the will of the people and exclude compulsory vaccination”. The group around the authorized representative Werner Bolek refers to two requests it submitted in 2021: One for the vaccination requirement came to 65,729 signatures (1.03 percent of those entitled), one, on the other hand, to 269,391 (4.23 percent).
  • “NO to compulsory vaccination” – with the authorized representative Robert Marschall – also demands that the “Federal (constitutional) legislature … prevent all vaccination requirements in Austria or resolve the immediate lifting of all COVID vaccination requirements”.
  • Supported by an alliance of works councils, NGOs, social scientists and artists and also from the SPÖ (e.g. from the Burgenland state organization), the referendum “Unemployment benefit up!”, represented by the authorized representative Norbert Bauer (FCG). It demands from the National Council “an amendment to the Unemployment Insurance Act, with which the net replacement rate for the assessment of the amount of unemployment benefit – at least to 70% – and correspondingly the emergency assistance is immediately and permanently increased and the reasonableness provisions are relaxed and the legal position of the unemployed is improved overall”. .
  • The organizations associated with the representative Klaus Sambor are also pursuing a social concern with their request “Implement an unconditional basic income!” They are calling for a constitutional provision to this effect, so that every person with their main residence in the country can lead a “dignified existence and genuine participation in society”.
  • The Lower Austrian FPÖ provincial councilor Gottfried Waldhäusl – who is responsible for animal welfare, among other things – is also using the referendum instrument to emphasize his demand “Stop the torture of live animals during transport”. At his side (at a recent press conference) was Tierschutz-Austria President Madeleine Petrovic. Federal constitutional measures are required “so that there is no more animal suffering when transporting animals for slaughter and the government advocates appropriate EU-wide regulations”. The central requirement is “animal transport only from farmers to the nearest slaughterhouses”.
  • The initiators of the “Mental Health Youth People’s Initiative” are concerned with “measures in the field of mental health among young people” – also in view of the stress caused by the corona pandemic. Carina Reithmaier, chairwoman of the student union close to the VP, is authorized to do this. She is a representative of the initiative “Gut, und selbst?”, with which NGOs, institutions and experts – such as the Austrian Professional Association for Psychotherapy or the Austrian Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – strive to raise awareness of the mental health of children and adolescents.

How much support the individual referendums have found will be found out on the evening of May 9th. After the end of the registration period, the Ministry of the Interior will announce the preliminary result of the referendum at 8.15 p.m. on



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