Registration opens for people over 50 without comorbidities

“The message is that if you are from Buenos Aires, and you are over 50 years old, you have all registrations open. In the next few days, the assignment of shifts will begin as new doses are received from the national government “Quirós said at a press conference.

Then, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health indicated that the call is open for “all professions and all conditions.” In addition, he remarked that “33% of Buenos Aires have at least one dose of the vaccine and that number is very significant, countries in general when they have reached 40% have had an epidemiological impact.”

Regarding future restrictions, Quirós said that it will depend on the contagion curve and saturation of the health system: “Every week we are analyzing the situation. To the extent that we can avoid a new damage with the restrictions we avoid it, but when we need to implement a restriction when the epidemiology indicates it, we ask people to accompany us “.

F. Quirós: “The City has been declining cases for 14 days. The restrictions accelerated the decline”

Covid-19: How to register in CABA?

  1. Go to the site
  2. Complete the form with personal data
  3. The registration will be confirmed via SMS, WhatsApp and Mail
  4. By that same means, the person will be contacted to choose a location to be vaccinated and select a shift
  5. On the day of vaccination you must go with a mask, ID and medical certificate, in case of comorbidity

Quirós acknowledged that the restrictions lowered the cases of Covid-19 in CABA

In the interview given to C5N, Quirós acknowledged that “the restrictions accelerated the decline in cases in the City.”. Regarding the debate over the restrictions between the ruling party and the opposition, he stressed that “it has become more politicized than necessary and it is not doing well because it takes us out of focus on what is happening with the pandemic.”

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According to their studies, 89% of children who are infected do so outside of school. “It seems to me more important to focus that contagions, wherever they are, occur in closed, poorly ventilated places where protocols are not used”, full.

“Our focus is on avoiding more social and work encounters that generate contact and above all making an effort by the whole of society to maintain the prespeciality of children,” he reiterated.

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