Regenerative medicine in fractures, international scientific article by Dr. Lughi of the Forlì hospital

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July 17, 2021 1:43 pm

In the next issue of Joints (official organ of the Siagascot company) the article “A New Treatment for the Reconstruction of the Medial Compartment of the Ankle: The Combined Use of Biological Materials” will be published by Dr. Marcello Lughi of the Operative Unit of Orthopedics of Forlì, directed by Dr. Roberto Casadei. “Fractures – explains Dr. Marcello Lughi in the abstract of the article – especially if articular and periarticular, are frequently associated with disabling functional and clinical outcomes and chronic pain. In particular, lesions with loss of bone, ligament and tendon tissue where full recovery of the wound area is not achieved are the worst anatomical and pathological conditions to heal. In this study, three different biological materials were used as regenerative approaches to reconstruct the medial malleolus fracture of the ankle in which it occurs. loss of bone, ligamentous and tendon tissue. Specifically, bitten human bone was combined with decellularized human dermis, both augmented with homologous platelet-rich plasma. MRI study with contrast medium at follow-up has shown a signal compatible with the vascularization of the tissue without signs of degeneration he new regenerative approach in which different biological materials were combined together showed a good choice of treatment for the reconstruction of the irreparable outcome of a fracture. “

“After many months of work – he continues – the scientific publication that I wrote in collaboration with doctors and biologists of the Skin Bank of Cesena, directed by Dr. Davide Melandri, has finally come to fruition. The topic is regenerative medicine in the surgical field that is having a particular development in AUSL Romagna. In addition to using cadaveric Dermis Patches (allopatches), prepared by the Skin bank that belongs to the Dermatology of Cesena, for some years I have also been using H-PRP units (homologous platelet concentrates), blood component that we request from the laboratory of Pievesestina through the transfusion center of Forlì. Believing a lot, in fact, in the role of “scaffold” (scaffold in English) of the allopatch, an acellular dermal matrix and in the biological stimulus of the platelet concentrate, I use them from years to solve chronic tendon pathologies. In particular, I have a fair number of cases of treatment of chronic uta of the Achilles tendon where an appropriate mechanical / biological stimulus is required. “

“For the treatment of these pathologies – he concludes – I also wrote an article in which I codified the surgical steps of an innovative technique I created. I defined it” wafer technique “, because at the end of the surgery I built, using allopatches of dermis, a “wafer-like” construct. The results are very encouraging, reflecting the absolutely modern role of the mechanical and biological stimulation of lesions which, due to their chronicity, would have little chance of healing. Valeria Purpura and Elena Bondioli of the skin bank of Cesena for the support and collaboration and the Transfusion Center of Forlì “


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