reed fire

reed fire

Created on March 02, 2023 | 4:30 p.m

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Carina Fenz

UCountless fire brigades including drones and several helicopters from the army and the police have been fighting the reed fire in Winden am See since midday yesterday. Twelve flight assistants from the Güssing district in the Neusiedl am See district have been on duty since the early hours of the morning and supported the extinguishing work.

“It was already clear yesterday, Wednesday, that we were needed by the Güssing air base. We then just waited for the alarm to go off,” explains District Fire Brigade Commander Thomas Jandrasits. The Güssinger Florianis took over from the colleagues from the airbase in St. Margareten from the early hours of the morning until the fire went out at noon. It was an exciting and challenging time for the twelve Florianis from Güssing, who actually got the alarm at 4 a.m. “The mission was very interesting for us and went well thanks to the good cooperation with the fire brigades, the army and the police,” says Jandrasits. Among other things, the flight assistants from Güssing were responsible for instructing the helicopters. “But it was also our job to fill the collapsible containers with water, from which the helicopters drew the water to fight the fire,” explains Jandrasits. According to Jandrasits, the assignment brought a lot of new experiences. For the Güssinger marshallers it was the second mission outside their area. They also provided support during the forest fire in Hirschwang (Lower Austria) in October 2021. See also reed fire on Lake Neusiedl: Fire brigades in large-scale operations



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