Red Dead Online: Blood Money takes off + more promotions & discounts

As announced last week, Rockstar Games has now given the go-ahead for the new “Blood Money” expansion for Red Dead Online. In addition, there are also further promotions and discounts this week.

Those who keep it up with Red Dead Online can now throw themselves into the new big expansion “Blood Money” and enjoy fresh game food in this way. The add-on now offers you a multitude of new criminal possibilities in the online part of the western title. You have to do all sorts of work for Guido Martelli, the underboss of Angelo Bronte from Red Dead Redemption 2.

To start the activities, you have to go to St. Denis in the criminal underworld of the West and are also allowed to attack a train for the first time. The focus is on the commodity called Capitale, which Martelli would like to bring back into his possession. You can get this through robberies, robberies and the new and multi-part contract crimes. In addition, the so-called opportunities are introduced into the game.

So that you can fully immerse yourself in the criminal underworld, you should contact the following people:

  • Anthony Foreman – unscrupulous leader of the Foreman brothers, found at Radley’s House in Rhodes or Doyle’s tavern in Saint Denis.
  • James Langton – a famous bad reputation bounty hunter who lives in New Austin. James can be found at Hennigan’s Stead or in his cabin by Lake Don Julio.
  • Sean Macguire – Sean is a notorious thief and murderer who has been temporarily separated from his gang. You can find Sean in the Great Plains or Tall Trees.
  • Joe – Joe has close relationships with other shady characters such as Micah, Cleet, and Samson Finch and lives in Osman Grove, New Hanover.

The update also brings with it the first part of the Quick Draw Club, which offers a variety of unlockable items and rewards across 25 ranks. You can earn the 25 gold bars back if you reach all ranks.

The content week is rounded off by a series of nominations, daily challenges and awards, and the return of popular items from previous Outlaw Passes. You can also expect the following discounts:

  • 30% on all pitches
  • 40% off all American paints
  • 30% on brochures for the manufacture of ammunition
  • 30% off the brochure for stun ammunition
  • 40% when purchasing skill cards
  • 30% off all improved roller saddles and saddlebags
  • 30% off the bounty hunter wagon
  • 30% off the Varmint rifle
  • 30% off the Navy revolver
  • 40% on all camp dogs
  • 40% on all storage styles (including the roll storage styles)
  • 40% off all clothing at Gus
  • 40% on all ponchos

If you play on PlayStation, you can play Red Dead Online until July 26th even without a PS Plus subscription. PC gamers with a compatible NVIDIA GeForce RTX can also benefit from NVIDIA DLSS.

Red Dead Online – Blood Money Trailer

With “Blood Money” the next major expansion of the gaming fun of Red Dead Online is in the house.

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