Experience civilized crime in the borderlands in Red Dead Online: Blood Money through raids, extortion and other lawless activities.

Blood Money brings a ton of new criminal opportunities to everyone in the Red Dead Online world. Each step brings you closer to potentially greater rewards.

Go to the well-tended district to the west of Saint Denis and meet Guido Martelli, the right-hand man of the notorious Mafia boss Angelo Bronte. Begin your journey by tackling crimes and opportunities as they arise. Martelli is desperate to get a unique commodity back into his possession called Capitale. The exchange system was once developed for the more sensitive business of the Bronte family, but now Capitale has also fallen into the hands of various crooks and criminal scum across the borderland. The value of Capitale to Martelli and the Bronte family stands and falls with its scarcity.

Connect with members of Martelli’s Ring to uncover potentially available crimes. If you haven’t run into these morally depraved partners yet, you may have to prove your skills before they trust you to bring back capital.

Find the following particularly questionable characters:

  • Anthony Foreman – unscrupulous leader of the Foreman brothers, found at Radley’s House in Rhodes or Doyle’s tavern in Saint Denis.
  • James Langton – a famous bad reputation bounty hunter who lives in New Austin. James can be found at Hennigan’s Stead or in his cabin by Lake Don Julio.
  • Sean Macguire – Sean is a notorious thief and murderer who has been temporarily separated from his gang. You can find Sean in the Great Plains or Tall Trees.
  • Joe – Joe has close relationships with other shady characters such as Micah, Cleet, and Samson Finch and lives in Osman Grove, New Hanover.

Today’s update introduces three multi-part contract crimes – the Railroad Contract, the Jeb Phelps Contract, and the Bluewater Contract – each with its own story to tell. You can also do other dirty business to get money through lies, deceit and theft. Always remain vigilant on your journey through the prairie, because there you can raid yards and camps.

With these offenses you collect capital for Martelli, which you can exchange with his henchmen, and thus get access to the first of three more expensive opportunities. Martelli is out to slow down an aspiring Senator from Lemoyne whose political ambitions have hampered the Bronte family’s far-reaching operations. Do the senator harm by stealing three jewels of the west. The first jewel is the Covington emerald, an illegally acquired family heirloom that all villains are after and that is currently being transported on a heavily guarded train.

For more information on new contract crimes and two other opportunities, please visit Rockstar Newswire in the coming weeks.

Der Quick-Draw-Club

The Quick Draw Club is a new series of quick fire passes in multiple parts that will be released in the coming months. The Quick Draw Club is specifically geared towards the needs and desires of outlaws and provides all members with special rewards, bonuses and items that make life on the edge of the law easier for them. Each pass has 25 ranks and costs 25 gold bars – you get your investment back by reaching all 25 ranks. With every additional pass that you buy, you will receive additional benefits. If you buy all four, you will receive the upcoming Halloween Pass # 2 for free.

Clothing, brochures and more

Based on your feedback, selected items from previous Outlaw Passes will be available for purchase in the coming weeks and months. Today the Haraway outfit and the rebel poncho are available from Madam Nazar. You can now get the brochure for fast travel from the wilderness camp (along with many others) at the fence. You can unlock the Pacific Union cap in Madam Nazar’s shop by insisting on “The Covington Emerald” on Merciless Difficulty. In addition, you will find a new menu for all free roam mission givers, in which you can choose from a number of available missions.

You can also look forward to new daily challenges and awards. And everyone who likes to compete against others can take part in the nomination series, a game list that includes modes chosen by the players in a session.

Mercenary equipment

After meeting Guido Martelli, visit a fence to buy the mercenary equipment. This pack is suitable for all outlaws and includes an exclusive Fierro scarf, ammunition supplies and consumables with which you are prepared for anything, as well as capital to unlock more criminal opportunities in the five states.

Weekly events

Speaking of opportunities, any bandit who board and disembark an armed train this week, evade law enforcement and flee with the Covington Emerald will receive a voucher for a free single ammunition belt. If you take this opportunity this week or thereafter on the relentless difficulty level, you will also unlock the Pacific Union cap for purchase from Madam Nazar. On the occasion of the occasion, the saloons serve free drinks throughout the week. Take this as an invitation and a warning at the same time in the event of a riot in the taproom. In the benefits area you will also find a voucher for a free selected accessory of your choice.


This week, stables are offering a 30% discount on all pitches and 40% on all American Paints. Ammunition production brochures, both those available from the fence and Harriet Davenport’s stun ammunition brochure, are also reduced by 30%. Improve your deadly skills and save 40% when buying skill cards.

On the occasion of the release of Blood Money, the discounts listed below are all active until July 26th:

  • 30% off all improved roller saddles and saddlebags
  • 30% off the bounty hunter wagon
  • 30% off the Varmint rifle
  • 30% off the Navy revolver
  • 40% on all camp dogs
  • 40% on all storage styles (including the roll storage styles)
  • 40% off all clothing at Gus
  • 40% on all ponchos


As part of today’s update, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online on PC offer Nvidia DLSS support for all Windows users with suitable Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards. This newly supported feature ensures an improved frame rate and generates high-quality, sharp images.

PlayStation benefits

PlayStation players can play Red Dead Online from July 13th to July 26th without a PlayStation Plus membership.


If you play Red Dead Online and link your account in the Rockstar Games Social Club to Prime Gaming before August 2nd, you will receive vouchers for a free saddle (up to RDO $ 200), two free treasure maps and an offer of 40% off the fast travel item .

You can find all details and restrictions at Rockstar Support.

Check out Rockstar Newswire for more information.

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