Red Bull's first double in Bahrain: Max and Sergio pull it off

Red Bull's first double in Bahrain: Max and Sergio pull it off

It was already written. The dominance with which the Austrian Red Bull Formula 1 team closed a fascinating season – last year – had to continue, since in this sporting discipline that rests on the mooring of cutting-edge technology that borders on astonishment: once Once inertia to perfection is achieved, what happens next is that it will go further, higher and much faster.

Business business is. And in this one in particular, a lot is at stake, based on victory.

Achieving success, as well as allying with it, results in benefits on the capital that is invested; the image that is intended and the prestige that will bring more public closer and therefore, will give great pleasure to the sponsors.

There is no doubt that it is a sport. From a show.

But throughout their emotions lies the urgent need to obtain results.

What Max Verstappen and his colleague, the Mexican pilot Sergio Pérez, have achieved tonight in the Arab desert, is nothing more than the billing of a business plan budgeted to perfection so that it yields the expected benefits.

The first fair of the year was played and not only the energy drink company that promises that its elixirs “give wings” has won.

He’s out there, like in the background, a Canadian businessman who has already shown that he’s super sharp.


Lawrence Stroll, who is part owner of the English automobile corporation Aston Martin, as well as the team of that name and who plays with some cute little green cars weighing less than 800 kilograms, has given his first blow, just as he has wanted to do since Two years ago.

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What shines. What reluzca.

Let’s talk about Aston Martin being competent: that the stock markets and the indices of success in business, will already be in charge of making him fat broth.


Our friend Stroll is none other than Lawrence Sheldon Strulovitch. A tycoon who is included in the list of the thousand and so many richest men on the planet. Famous for his importance in the fashion sector and given his valuable collection of supercars (especially Ferrari), he has been involved in El Circo since 2018.

His baptism of fire in this world of racing happened when he bought the Force India team at a bargain price. He later renamed it Racing Point; for since the season two years ago, already running as AM


He leads a group of investors and sponsors (mainly from Canada) who also participate in the share package of Aston Martin Lagonda Group Limited, manufacturer of the brand’s road cars. Famous, among other things, because James Bond loved them.

Stroll who loves sports cars understood that if Ferrari, McLaren and even Alpine enhance their fame thanks to vertigo competitions, which is later reflected in the prices of their units for the motoring public: why not revive the legendary importance of Aston?

He bet on that and thanks to the wise driving of Fernando Alonso (twice world monarch) today he begins to decorate the future of his company with gold letters, with green cars that already run more and better than those of Ferrari or Mercedes . At least this Sunday.

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This being the case, we will have to be very ready to see and analyze how the marketing of the English brand behaves, which tonight –in Sakhir– took a consecratory step.

Of course, everything that happened in the race also counts. But what is interesting and beautiful are its sequels:

A thousand per hour!



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