Reconciliation with Anuel?  Luxurious gifts to Yailin on Valentine's Day sparked rumors

Reconciliation with Anuel? Luxurious gifts to Yailin on Valentine's Day sparked rumors

For a few days the singer Anuel AA and Yailin, nicknamed ‘The Most Viral’ on social networks, have been in the eye of the hurricane for the status of their relationship. The interpreter of ‘Secret’ caused a stir at confirm their separation from the Dominicanthrough a live broadcast on his Instagram account, however, netizens point out that there would be reconciliation plans.

Rumors that the artists would try to give their marriage another chance arose following a post by Yailin in which boasted the luxurious gifts for Valentine’s Day, on February 4. Multiple bouquets of red roses, a giant stuffed animal and jewelry, including Rolex watches and accessories from the renowned Cartier brand, dazzled the mother of the singer’s daughter.

Message for Anuel?

“I am the happiest woman in the world, thank God for your blessings, living my dreams and the most beautiful stage that can happen to a woman, being a mother. It’s almost there, my queen, to meet you, your parents are looking forward to seeing you. In love with these details, thank you love”, wrote the Dominican in the publication.

Yailin’s publication caused divided opinions among netizens as some pointed out that could be a marketing strategy for the recognized date of lovers, while others saw it as a sign that things would go well for the artists.

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“I think she sent them to herself”; “With those details I forgive whatever”; “These people have me confused”; “I feel like she bought everything”; “Shutting up mouths in an expensive way”, are some of the comments on the post.

Anuel confirmed separation

Despite the criticism, the artist has not commented on the status of her relationship with Anuel AA. However, the singer gave forceful details about how her marriage ended.

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“Me and Yailin We are not together for things in life. It is sad that she is pregnant and we can be together right now I would have a family under one roof, but for things in life we ​​are not together ”, express.

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Anuel added that, although they do not have a romantic relationship, Yailin occupies an important place in his life.. “She is the mother of my daughter. whatever my family is”, he pointed out.

Thus, the couple’s admirers are uncertain about the status of their relationship and whether they would wait together for the arrival of their daughter.

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