Recall of fish sold at Grand Frais: what are you risking in the event of histamine poisoning?

Recall of fish sold at Grand Frais: what are you risking in the event of histamine poisoning?

Tuna steaks sold at Grand Frais have been recalled due to a risk of histamine poisoning. This molecule, in too large quantities, can indeed present dangers.

This Monday, March 13, the Rappel Conso site issued a reminder poster to remind yellowfin tuna steaks, sold in Grand Frais stores. The pavers concerned are divided into two lots: C30620041 and C30610082.

These batches expired on March 8 and 7 respectively. If you still have them, the reminder was issued after the expiry date, it is advisable not to consume them. In question, a “presence of histamine higher than the regulatory rate”.

The risk involved is intoxication, which “is manifested by allergic-type reactions triggered when histamine is absorbed in high quantities”.

What is histamine?

“Histamine is a biological molecule naturally synthesized in humans and animals. It is present in all fish atnormally low levels which increase at room temperature”, explains ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety).

Histamines are found in certain fish, “mainly tuna, mackerel, wahoo and bonito. Other species such as sardines, herring, anchovies, trevally, swordfish or dolphinfish are also concerned”, underlines the ‘Anses.

If you are in possession of a lot affected by the recall, it is obviously advisable not to consume the product. You can contact the consumer service, a refund procedure is implemented. The procedure is open until March 23.

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