Reasons why you can't lose weight

Reasons why you can't lose weight


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When we talk about lose weight, we think of going to the gym first and we assume that exercising for 1 hour and then avoiding eating all day will help us lose weight. But to be honest, these strategies won’t work at all! Going on miraculous or very strict diets and giving too much importance to exercise are two of the main reasons why people fail to lose weight.

Then you must consider if you are getting the results you want with the method you follow. If the answer is no, then you have to dig a little deeper into the matter. you must be committing Some errors (unintentionally) that are getting in the way of your success.

He support and guidelines that can be obtained from expertsLike the ones of Menorca Clinicthey are going to help those who have been trying for a long time and are desperate to see results.

Las Reasons why you can’t lose weight They can be multiple and, today, we are going to talk about them.

Health Why don’t you lose weight?

As we tell you, having the support of a nutrition and weight loss clinic is essential. They can not only provide you with a custom program of weight loss, but will be able to focus on improve your eating habits and give you Emotional Support.

If you eat healthy and exercise but don’t lose weight, there may be a reason. When you try to lose weight, your body fights back. Even at first you can lose quite a bit of weight without much effort, but weight loss may slow down or stop completely after a while.

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The main 10 reasons Why you do not lose weight despite your efforts are:

Health 1. Being unrealistic

It is the first and foremost reason why you are not able to lose weight even after a long period of hard work. Do not set yourself unrealistic goals, expecting to lose 15 kg in a month. set small goalssince they are more achievable, and once you achieve them, you will be motivated to work harder, because once you see the results, it will become an obsession.

Health 2. Emotional eating

Eating sometimes becomes an activity to feel good and pleasant, to deal with a traumafor relieve stress, instead of to satisfy hunger. The foods that emotional eaters choose are often foods high in fat, sugar, and calories, full of trans fats and other toxic, extremely unhealthy ingredients. Every time you experience an emotional upheaval, don’t turn to food for comfort.

Health 3. Giving too much importance to exercise

Regular exercise can enhance weight loss efforts, but by itself it won’t lead to significant weight loss. The healthier ratio for weight loss is based on a 80% in the diet and a 20% in the exercise. As you can see, to lose weight noticeably, you have to give more importance to diet.

Health 4. Miracle diets

Don’t force yourself to stay away from food, because doing so can negatively affect your health. A weight loss diet should not be based on depriving yourself of food and extreme calorie cutting. have a nutritional plan that helps you lose weight by encouraging you to eat the right kind of food in the right amount will keep you losing weight at a steady rate.

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Health 5. Stress

Stress is one of the main reasons why your efforts to lose weight fail, because chronic stress not only prevents you from losing weight, but favors the increase of weight, especially abdominal fat. You may have literally nothing on your plate, but if you experience too much stress, shedding the layers of extra fat can be quite difficult.

Health 6. Relying on pills and fat burners

Most of the fat burning pills and treatments out there they do not workThey only make you lose water weight and not fat. It is best to avoid them entirely.

Health 7. Not eating enough protein

Proteins are essential nutrients for weight loss. eat enough protein activates the metabolism, which combats the slowdown caused by the weight loss itself. In addition, eating enough protein will give you energy and, in the long term, it will help you not regain lost weight.

Health 8. Not sleeping well

Both your physical and mental health benefit from a good night’s rest, as does your weight. Believe it or not, enough studies have been done to be able to affirm that there is a direct relationship between not sleeping well and weight gain.

Health 9. Not drinking enough water

Drinking water has many health benefits, but it also helps to lose weight. It is shown that drinking enough water burns more calories. Also, if you drink a glass of water before eating, you will feel full and eat less.

Health 10. Drink a lot of alcohol or sugary drinks

Even if you try to eat healthy, if you continue to consume sugary drinks or alcohol, you are consuming calories that don’t actually give you the feeling of being full. A glass of soda with sugar can be equivalent to several pieces of fruit, while alcohol has 7 calories per gram, which is a lot.

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Pay attention to these reasons to find the one that keeps you from losing weight and trust the professional treatments Like the ones of Menorca Clinic.

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