Realme is about to release a Google TV stick. It’s the Google TV OS’s first release on a standalone piece of hardware since Chromecast. Until now, one had to use the Google stick or a TV with Google TV built in to get the OS.

The Realme stick will support the expected apps and Google functions on the software side: Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, YouTube Music and the Google Assistant are present. Photos and screenshots on the Realme page show that the interface is similar to that of the Chromecast with Google TV, dating from 2020. On the hardware side, there is not much to report. Realme states that the stick supports 4k60 output, as well as hdr10+ and that the connector is from the hdmi 2.1 spec.

Realme states that the stick will be available on October 13. However, the page where it reports all this can be found on the company’s Indian website. The expectation is that the product will at least be released in India on that date. Perhaps more will become known on that date, such as a price and possible availability, outside India.

Google TV is a variation of Android TV, which looks different. Under the hood, both versions of the OS still run on Android. In the long run, Google only wants Google TV to be offered for sale.

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