Realm of the Air is now available in Anno 1800

Ubisoft announced today that players can now access Realm of the Air, the second DLC in Season 4 of year 1800, can conquer the skies with airships. Among other things, these airships allow them to transport workers and capture enemy islands. There are also new building materials in the New World. Anti-aircraft technologies, a scenario and the new air mail system can also be discovered.

In Realm of the Air, players will be provided with new building materials such as aluminum and helium, which can be used to build five new advanced airships that serve both civilian and military purposes. With the airships, workers can be transferred and the inhabitants of the whole world can stay in touch with each other through an innovative air mail system. Finally, players can use armed airships to attack enemy transports and ports, as well as protect the island from enemy attacks with anti-aircraft systems. The prerequisite for building and organizing the airships is the airship hangar, which requires several construction phases, and the landing platform, to which three new modules can be connected.
​The all-new scenario “Battle of the Couriers” lets players set up their own mail delivery service in the New World and tells the story of Paloma Valente, the inventor of the new airships. One of the challenges is that there are no regular ships available and you will have to use airships.
Simultaneously with this DLC will be released for year 1800 also a free game update that changes how you interact with neutral merchants and adjusts the military system among other things.
,year 1800 is available in the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. Players can also log into Ubisoft+* and access all Season Pass content from year 1800 enjoy. Empire of the Air can be purchased individually or as part of the Season 4 Pass.

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