Reality Bath – The New Spain

Sporting’s two forwards showed yesterday that there are many ways to miss goals. Djurdjevic brought out his inner sergeant on the El Molinón battlefield, where practicing any discipline similar to football was pure utopia, and he converted complicated balls on meritorious occasions. And Álvaro Vázquez simply agreed with all the coaches who have denied him the title, failing point-blank the only true one he had, with his respective rejection. If the economic cost of a tip were calculated by solving an equation between shots and so many, some would be greatly undervalued.

The game was a reality check against the bottom who should have finished before the flood, but it is not convenient to dramatize either. Albacete, whose only recourse is resistance, benefited from the fact that the lawn became another pond in the Isabel la Católica park. No matter how La Mancha, it is always good for any team without excessive creative arguments to find a path full of puddles. So he played what he knows with rain as an ally. Manu García, several meters behind where he should, could barely act as a conductor, although he was well accompanied in the art of leading the baton by Gragera, of course.

The best in the long run was the superb performance of Pelayo Suárez, the member of the fifth of the school with fewer opportunities, on the right side, with a way of understanding the dynamics of the game more typical of someone who is about to retire. It was the positive note of a day that should be overlooked. Another stumble and then, yeah. Then the dark clouds will come.