Building the PC of your dreams has become a full-time job! The components are more and more complex, it is a question of being precise in the selection of the different parts… and in their installation.

Assembling your own PC has always been a bit of a hacker, but the increasingly increased complexity of the components now requires real know-how so as not to be mistaken. And to avoid the humiliation of a badly mounted PC! This is where the game comes in PC Building Simulator.

A game to learn PCs

This “serious game” offers the day to create and develop your own computer repair business. He will discover how to diagnose, restart and assemble PCs, with the help of approved components from the main manufacturers in this field: AMD, ASUS, BenQ, Be Quiet !, Corsair, Gigabyte, Nvidia, MSI, Razer, Steelseries or still Razer. Beautiful linen which lends its name and its virtual components for this simulation.

Beyond the management aspect offered by the game, PC Building Simulator also has the ambition to give the player all the necessary tools to monyrt a computer from scratch. It contains step-by-step instructions explaining the order in which to assemble the components, as well as information about the parts and their functions.

The game was released in early 2019, but it is still relevant today. Particularly in a context where components, and in particular graphics cards, are particularly expensive and difficult to find. The Epic Games Store is offering it for free to download until Thursday. Enjoy it!

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