Marvel’s Avengers is adding XP boosters that can be bought with real money, despite the promise that there are no paywalls in the game.

Almost a year after Marvel’s Avengers launched, XP boosters and resource boosters are now available on the in-game marketplace that can be bought with real money. These are not permanent, but serve as consumables that increase the XP earned while playing for a limited time.

When the game was revealed, Crystal Dynamics emphasized that there are no loot boxes and pay-to-win elements. Studio boss Scott Amos even told that the monetization would take place via cosmetic items without there being any paywalls in the game.

From the lack of convincing updates, removing cosmetics that can be earned in the game that no longer exist, or blocking Marvel Cinematic Universe skins behind microtransactions, this broken promise is another problem the game suffers from.

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