Vinicius Junior a ouvert le score pour le Real Madrid face à Manchester City.

Vinicius Junior opened the scoring for Real Madrid against Manchester City. — AFP


  • Real Madrid and Manchester City left back to back (1-1) in the Champions League semi-final first leg at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.
  • Vinicius Jr opened the scoring in the first half with a nice shot, Kevin De Bruyne answered him in the second half.
  • Everything will be decided in the return match, next Wednesday in Manchester.

23h03 : Draw between Real and City (1-1) at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on Tuesday evening in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final. The two teams paradoxically scored during their weak time, Real in the first half with a clear shot, before Kevin De Bruyne responded to him on the return from the locker room with a powerful shot. Everything will therefore be decided in the return match, next Wednesday, on the Manchester side.

>> Thank you all for following this first Champions League semi-final, see you tomorrow for the Milan derby!

90+3: It’s over in Madrid, draw between Real Madrid and Manchester City, everything will be decided in the second leg!

90+1: Camavinga untenable at the end of the match, he overflows on the right side but his shot is blocked by the defense of the cityzens.

90th: Three minutes of added time

89′: Another mine, sent by Tchouameni, this time, and Ederson had to slam it with both hands, it was so powerful.

88e : The people of Madrid are going to board at the end of the match, they continue to believe in it!

85e : Yellow for Bernardo Silva for a fault on Vinicius who plays it well. The free kick follows from a corner. Nacho replaces Modric and Camavinga should reposition himself in the middle.

84e : Another high-class technical gesture from Vinicius after a good recovery from Camavinga.

83e : Second change for Ancelotti, the Frenchman Tchouameni replaces Kroos in midfield.

82e : Manchester City has possession of the ball but does not dare to board for fear of being countered. And the people of Madrid are waiting quietly.

81e : First change of this match with the exit of Rodrygo for Ascensio on the side of Real.

78e : And yellow for Camavinga, late on his tackle. Second half complicated, he is responsible for the loss of ball on the equalizer of City.

77th: Ederson’s parade which dives perfectly on a header stung by Benzema. KB9 is found at the second post, maybe in an offside position, but he loses his duel against the Brazilian goalkeeper.

73e : Another big big fight between Rudiger and Haaland. What a physical challenge for the Premier League’s top scorer, who we haven’t seen since returning from the break.

72e : Alaba wraps the ball in from the left side, but it’s not even on target.

71e : And yellow for Gundogan who chisels Carvajal’s legs after losing on the ball on a somewhat superfluous gesture.

70e : Manchester City equalizes when Real chained complaints to arbitration. Ancelotti also took a yellow after the equalizer from De Bruyne. And it’s a bit the same scenario as in the first, but reversed. With a big domination from Real, and a goal from City.

67th: Equalization on a cannon shot! Gundogan finds him back at the entrance to the surface and the Belgian can arm a heavy strike, without control, on the ground, crystal clear. Courtois is beaten and City equalize!

65e : What Vinicius does is really very strong with his oriented controls, his accelerations, his hitting just now. Top player eh.

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64e : On the contrary, we do not recognize City in these first 15 minutes of the second period, almost unable to come out of their camp with mastery. And they’re not even looking for Haaland with long balls…

62e : Real are really impressive in their mastery, whether in defense where the players never doubt, or in attack where they are more and more restless.

59th: Strong time for Real who chained the corners. Benzema’s teammates demanded a hand but Dias had his arms glued to the body. And Valverde sends a mine from 35 meters but it goes over.

58e : The two teams go blow for blow but the people of Madrid are better in the game than in the first half.

55th: Alaba’s tackle to counter Haaland’s shot. the Norwegian goes to the limit of the offside and shifts to the left to shoot but the defender does not let go.

52nd: Again De Bruyne, but this time from outside the area with a curling shot from the left. She lacks the power to be dangerous, it was her bad foot.

51st: Courtois against De Bruyne, the Belgian duel! The City midfielder is launched in depth but his compatriot wins his duel with a stoppage of the leg. De Bruyne was out of the game anyway.

51st : Small stat point, Real had only 0.06 expected goal in the first half and yet they are ahead!

49th: Phew this sequence between Vinicius and Benzema on the left side and KB9 can send a big shot but it is deflected for a corner!

48e : Ancelotti’s men seem calmer at the start of the second half, the Cityzens have less of the ball.

45th: Come on, here we go again for this second half

9:51 p.m .: We take a short break and meet again for the second half. We will see if City manages to concretize its domination against Madrid perfectly in place and still as clever.

45+2: Half time at the Bernabeu, on this slight advantage for Real thanks to a superb strike from Vinicius. A little against the court of the game even if the players of Ancelotti had been recovering for a few minutes at the time of the goal.

45+2 : And first yellow card for Kroos for another foul on Gundogan with a thigh-high tackle! The City midfielder has been picking up since the start of the match.

45e : Two minutes of additional time in this first period.

45e : Grealish and Carvajal warm up behind Courtois’ goal line. The Real player pushes City’s number 10 and does a big simulation after going to warm up his victim. The football we don’t like.

44e : We are rewarded with an incredible number of controls, like on this pigeon wing / Modric control. A pleasure for the eyes.

41st : Gundogan’s good ball in front of Courtois’ goal but Grealish does not throw himself. Haaland had remained in the background.

40e : Guardiola’s men regain possession of the ball but the Real players are still in place.

38e : It’s been 5 minutes that Real resumed colors, and it did not miss the Madrid score on their first strike. And what a hit!

35th: THE GOLAZO of Vinicius! A two between Camavinga and Modric, the Frenchman then shifts Vinicius who transplants towards the center before releasing a strike in the City goal! Incredible Real, as usual.

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34′: Ah Benzema’s arm after a sombrero attempt in the City area. The attacker had been found!

33e : Camavinga gets a corner after a very good defensive return from Vinicius. Still no shot for Real, but two hot chances.

30e : The Citizen has only just got up, and just a verbal warning for the Real defender who is doing well.

27e : Big nudge from Rudiguer on Gundogan, who remains on the ground. It is well worth a yellow, but no warning for the moment.

24th: Here is the first big chance of Reeal. Rodri gets the ball stolen by Vinicius who immediately looks for Benzema at the far post. Perfect intervention from Dias to clear the ball by tackling.

23e : Kroos completely misses his center, for no one. While Real finally had good possession after a nice comeback from Rodrygo.

22e : The Cityzens confiscate the ball to Real under the whistles of the Bernabeu

19e : Gundogan is missing in his curled right, it goes well above.

18e : Ah the ball a bit long for Benzema. Ederson comes out in the right tempo to get ahead of KB9.

17e : Camavinga impeccable in front of Bernardo Silva, on his side. It is to be underlined after a somewhat hesitant start to the match.

15th: Haaland, him again! Grealish makes the diff down the left side and finds the cyborg at the far post, but his header is too much on Courtois. But City insists!

15th: Haaland is destabilized by a small push from Carvajal on the corner, but the referee does not whistle. In the aftermath the Norwegian strikes hard from the left side, Courtois lowers quietly.

13th: City’s second strike, from Rodry from 30 meters low to the ground. Courtois is forced to dive to deflect for a corner. It can bring out the Madrid defense…

12e : What a ball outing full of control from City, Real’s pressing is useless, it’s so simple on the part of Guardiola’s men. The difference between the two teams at the start of the match.

10e : Another very good control from Benzema to bring his team up, but Real lost the ball too quickly afterwards.

8th: The first strike of the match, that of De Bruyne on a delivery from Bernado Silva from the right side. Le Blege rolls up from the right and Courtois warms up by pushing the ball away.

6e : City still have possession, Madrid have a little trouble getting out of their half of the field. Except with this magnificent cross from Camavinga.

4e : Things are already going very, very quickly at the start of the match, and the first corner for City.

3rd: Oh the delight of Benzema already, the heel to shift Vinicius to the side. But the French can not control the center of his teammate.

2e : And pectoral blow from Rudiger on Haaland to impose his territory, fault.

1ère : Vinicius is already on the run to come and put pressure on the citizen recovery

1ère : And first big intervention of Grealish on Vinicius, gross fault but no yellow.

9:02 p.m : The English play with a black and red jersey, the Merengue in classic white.

9:01 p.m : The Portuguese Artur Dias referee this semi-final between Real and City

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9:01 p.m : Nice hug between Pep Guardiola, the former Barcelona player and Carlo Ancelotti.

20h59 : Carlo Ancelotti has just sat down on the Real bench, and the players enter the lawn of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium! The show is about to begin folks.

20h57 : Camavinga plays left-back, by the way.

20h56 : Real Madrid have been a bit out of shape lately in La Liga, they have even been overtaken by Atlético, but count on them to be present in the Champions League, the their DNA.

20h51 : And thoughts for Arman Soldin, AFP reporter killed in a Russian strike while covering the conflict in Ukraine. He had been a London correspondent for the Agence Française de Presse, where he covered sports in particular.

20h48 : We remind you that this poster was already that of the semi-final of last season. Finally won by Real thanks to a gala Karim Benzema. But beware, the end of Guardiola’s “curse” in the Champions League seems lifted:

20h45 : And we continue with that of City. De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva and Grealish will be responsible for powering the scoring machine, Haaland.

Tonight’s line-up! 🌟

XI | Ederson, Walker, Stones, Dias, Akanji, Rodrigo, Gundogan (C), De Bruyne, Bernardo, Grealish, Haaland

SUBS | Ortega Moreno, Carson, Phillips, Laporte, Alvarez, Gomez, Mahrez, Foden, Palmer, Lewis#ManCity

— Manchester City (@ManCity) May 9, 2023

20h43 : I serve you immediately on a plate the composition of the two teams. We start with that of Real, with our Frenchies Camavinga and especially Benzema. Note the tenure of Rodrygo, it will move on the wings!

8:40 p.m.: Hello family! That’s it, we’re comfortably installed to experience this crazy semi-final between Real and City with you!

17h : Attention, on compare deux monstres !

On my left, Karim Benzemaon my right, Erling Haaland. In the middle, football.

4:15 p.m .: Come on, more statistics, it’s free

As usual at 20 Minutes, notice. And it’s always Sofascore that regales.

3 p.m.: A little stat to wait

She comes to us from our Sofascore partners. Small flat: if Pep has won more titles in total, he has “only” two Champions Leagues as a coach, with Barça (2009 and 2011), against four for Carlo, two with AC Milan (2003 and 2007) and two with Real (2014 and 2022), a record.

– Sofascore / 20 Minutes

9:30 am: Welcome to you, friends of the beautiful game

You know us, we’re not the type to oversell you a match and make you pass an Angers – AC Ajaccio for a Real Madrid – Manchester City. But precisely, a Real – City, this is what the Champions League offers us this Tuesday evening, during its first semi-final first leg, before the Milan derby on Wednesday. Don’t look, there is currently no better on the football planet.

On the one hand, Cityzens still in search of a first coronation in C1, under the leadership of Pep Guardiola and behind Erling Haaland, the Attila of the penalty areas. On the other, Merengues who have made big-eared cups their thing, with 14 titles, the last in 2022. By the way, Carlo Ancelotti’s men had offered themselves the scalp of City after a feast of play and three goals from Karim Benzema, including the decisive penalty in extra time in the second leg.

“Because this match is simply unmissable, we meet at 8:45 p.m.