Real asset ticker DF Deutsche Finance Holding AG with new club deal Boston IV

DF Deutsche Finance: New Club Deal invests close to the elite universities of Harvard

With the DF Deutsche Finance Investment Fund 21 – Club Deal Boston IV, the Deutsche Finance Group has launched another club deal for private investors. The AIF is investing in two office towers to be built in the Boston suburb of Somerville, near the elite universities of Harvard and MIT. The properties are designed as lab offices – i.e. buildings that combine classic office space and state-of-the-art laboratories.

With the confirmed asset management rating of AA– (AMR), the independent rating house Scope recently certified the very good quality and competence of DF Deutsche Finance Holding AG. Among other things, Scope highlighted the “excellent access to promising development projects and super-prime real estate”, “market-leading acquisitions […] in particular from several lab office project developments in Boston” and the “very convincing performance”. The AIF itself received a rating of bbb– (AIF). Scope named the overall volatile market situation and the “conceptual, multi-level, complex investment structure” as risk drivers, but at the same time emphasized as a positive aspect that the AIF gives private investors access to an institutional club deal. In addition, the competence of the asset management and the successful exit of the Club Deal Boston I came into play.

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dr Peters Real Estate Portfolio Germany I: Earnings forecast increased to up to 167.5 percent, limited partnership capital reduced to 13 million euros

the dr Peters Group was able to secure favorable purchasing conditions for the acquisition of the three fund properties – according to the company announcement, a fourth is in the process of being purchased. The company intends to pass this on to investors as part of the total return flow of funds: the earnings forecast, forecast at 145 percent, has already been increased to 153 percent. Due to the indexed lease agreements, which are intended to protect against currency depreciation, there would be a consistently higher inflation than in previous years, according to Dr. Peters the opportunity to raise this even further. With an inflation rate of 1.5 to 2.0 percent, the total flow of funds would increase to 158 percent, according to a current company announcement. “Under the premise of 3.0 percent annual inflation, the calculated overall result even climbs to 167.5 percent,” it says there.

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In order to secure the purchasing benefits achieved, Dr. Peters Group has now reduced the limited partnership capital from formerly 50 million euros to 13 million euros. The reason for this is the current market situation, in which the advantages gained would be canceled out again with further property purchases – therefore only the property currently being negotiated should be connected in order to allow investors to benefit permanently from the overperformance achieved. Interested parties can subscribe to the local supply real estate portfolio from as little as 5,000 euros.

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ZBI Professional 12: Acquisition of a real estate portfolio in North Rhine-Westphalia

ZBI recently acquired a portfolio for the placed ZBI Professional 12 for a purchase price of around 20 million euros. The properties are 28 residential and four commercial units, which according to the company are located in a “central location of a metropolis in North Rhine-Westphalia”. located. The portfolio was notarized last month, on July 27th, and the change in benefits and burdens is planned for October 1st, 2022.

you. Residential real estate Germany 2: Property purchase in Dortmund

As dii Invest recently announced, the company for the AIF dii. Residential Real Estate Germany 2 acquired a second property. The residential property, built in 1960, is located in Dortmund and has a total of 6,112 square meters of living space, divided into 108 residential units. The purchase price (net) was 10,400,000 euros. In accordance with the investment strategy of the AIF, dii Invest plans to optimize the building and thus achieve an increase in value. The company’s particular focus is on increasing energy efficiency, taking sustainability issues and climate protection into account.

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dii Invest has already identified various possible optimization measures for the property in Dortmund. The company is planning, among other things, the renewal of the apartment entrance doors, the replacement of the windows and a value-enhancing refurbishment of individual apartments, depending on their condition. The apartments are then to be re-let at market level (including graduated rent). For comparison: At the time of purchase, the property rent according to the purchase contract (net) was 5.96 euros per square meter – the market rent at the same time was 7.24 euros per square meter according to the expert opinion.

The offer is available to investors with a minimum subscription amount of EUR 10,000. The planned term ends on December 31, 2033. According to the company, dii Invest forecasts increasing annual payments starting at 3.0 percent pa During the subscription phase, investors will also receive an early subscription bonus of 2.0 percent.

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Primus Valor: ICD 11 R+ acquires property portfolio, ICD 8 R+ pays out 20 percent to investors

Just a few weeks after the last portfolio purchase of ImmoChance Deutschland 11 Renovation Plus (ICD 11 R+), Primus Valor announced the purchase of another property portfolio: 17 apartment buildings in Essen and Wuppertal. The two attractive industrial and business locations are not new territory for Primus Valor: the company is already represented there with several funds.

In addition to 210 residential units, the newly acquired properties also include nine commercial units and 150 garages and parking spaces. A property purchased in Wuppertal for a square meter price of 1,055 euros, which, according to Primus Valor, was acquired well below the appraisal value, offers particular potential. This has enormous potential for value increases through renovation measures, and the rent, which is currently well below the market level, also has great development potential. With the newly acquired portfolio, Primus Valor intends to achieve high ongoing cash flow for the AIF.

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Investors who are invested in ImmoChance Germany 8 Renovation Plus (ICD 8 R+) have reason to be happy: As the company reports, further payments were made to investors as part of the sale of a real estate package for more than 45 million euros. Depending on when they join, investors receive payments of up to 20 percent based on the capital they have paid in.

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