The number of local maquiladoras affected by the lack of electrical components increased to 200, a figure that represents 60 percent of the 330 in this city, reported Fabiola Luna Ávila, president of Index Juárez.

Previously, the leader of the manufacturing sector revealed that there were more than 100 maquilas that suffered from this situation, mainly those related to the automotive sector, although the problems reached the electricity companies, who include another 100.

“Both the automotive and electronics industries have been affected, which is most of it here; I think that between the two it is 60 percent ”, he commented.

Electrical semiconductors, resins and aluminum are some of the scarce components facing the industry around the world in the wake of the pandemic.

Luna Ávila said that although the outlook was expected to improve at the end of 2021, the situation is getting worse and worse, so the number of affected companies increases more and more.

Meanwhile, the repercussions for the companies range from lack of supplies and drop in sales to technical stoppages, although he ruled out that the latter has still been reached here.

“It was expected that now in September the situation will improve, but the sales requirements are still low and therefore, agreements have been made with some employees, because so many operating personnel are not being needed,” he explained.

However, data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) show that the Immex sector laid off 5,188 workers in June, plus 2,140 in May, which together represent 7,328 fewer jobs for the main economic engine from Juárez, only in two months.

Héctor Gutiérrez, president of Southwest Maquila, told this media on September 3 that the situation could stabilize until the middle of 2022 and there is no alternative for companies, since there are few microchip producers that exist in the world.

He added that given the problem, the United States announced the creation of a plant to manufacture semiconductors, although it would take at least two years to do so.

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