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The teams are back on the field. There are no changes yet. Go on.

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Kick-off 2nd half

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Mid-term conclusion:
RB Leipzig is 1-0 down at half-time against FC Bayern. The Red Bulls got off to a very energetic start and put up an impressive pressing in the early minutes, against which the German record champions stumbled several times. But then Gnabry hit the post with the first advance of the Reds (8th), which initiated a very passive phase for the Saxons. RBL did make promising advances from time to time, but in the crucial moments they lacked the clarity in the actions that the guests from the Isar saw in the rare opportunities they had. After Goretzka already scored, which did not count after being offside, Choupo-Moting finally scored the not undeserved opening goal (37th) after excellent Gnabry preliminary work.

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End of 1st half

45. Min


The two minutes spent on the VAR check after the denied Goretzka goal are now available as a lookup.

45. Min


Official injury time (minutes): 2

43. Min


Now Laimer loses the ball against Sané and the Reds swarm out again. In the end, Simakan sniffed the ball away from Davies, who entered the box. The subsequent Kimmich corner then fists away Blaswich.

41. Min


Xavier Schlager

Yellow card for Xaver Schlager (RB Leipzig)
RBL still wants to answer before the break and is now throwing everything forward. After losing the ball, this also opens up space for FCB. Before Musiala can start, however, Schlager pulls the tactical foul by grabbing the nimble Munich player from behind. Clear yellow card.

39. Min


On the other hand, Emil Forsberg has a possible answer on his feet. After the Swede got possession of the ball in counter-pressing in the Munich penalty area, he simply took aim from the edge of the penalty area. The full left shot, however, clearly misses. Kick off Munich.

37. Min


Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting

Tooor for Bayern Munich, 0:1 by Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting
Now the Red Bulls have rang the bell again and this time the goal counts to make it 1-0, which Serge Gnabry largely owns. The 27-year-old went through from the left and then played an incredibly precise cross from the corner of the box, which landed perfectly in Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting’s run. From almost five meters he only has to keep his foot in and pushes the ball past the hopeless Janis Blaswich over the line.

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35. Min


Jamal Musiala

Yellow card for Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich)
Leipzig follows up and secures the second ball. The second wave of attacks rolls forward over Simakan on the right, whereupon Musiala unpacks the scythe. This is a tactical foul and therefore a clear yellow card.

35. Min


Upamecano is in a bad position with a deep pass and has to let André Silva pass, who is on his own a good 30 meters from the opposing goal. However, Upamecano stays on and is able to separate the Portuguese from the tackle when Silva tries to put the ball on his right foot in the opponent’s penalty area.

32. Min


The VAR is nonetheless reconsidering the situation and it takes a remarkably long time to confirm De Ligt’s offside position. After almost two minutes it can now continue with the score of 0:0.

30. Min


Now Blaswich has to fish the ball out of his own net for the first time in the game, but the goal doesn’t count. Pavard chips the leather from the baseline onto Choupo-Moting’s head, who misses the ball. Luckily, the end is extended into Goretzka’s run, who heaves the ball into the net from a tight angle with a diving header. But then the flag goes up. The goal does not count because of an offside position by de Ligt, who sent Pavard to the baseline in the first place.

28. Min


After winning the ball in the centre, the Red Bulls want to do it quickly. Forsberg fastens the ball just in front of the Munich penalty area and then lays it down for Dani Olmo, whose right-footed shot from 17 meters out clearly misses Yann Sommer’s box to the right. Kick off Bayern.

25. Min


After a cross pass from Schlager, Szoboszlai loses the ball. But the chain behind it is immediately there again to press with all vehemence and force the ball to be recaptured directly. A lot of this game is just that midfield banter.

22. Min


Now the Red Bulls are also getting their first semi-significant result. Olmo has a lot of space in the middle and then serves Forsberg, who just takes a direct shot from 18 meters. The ball comes high and central to Sommer, who has no problems at all and grabs it safely.

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20. Min


The people of Munich haven’t really found a gap yet. Orban also blocked a poisonous steep pass from Sané with ease.

18. Min


Kimmich brings a free kick from the right half field up into the Leipzig penalty area, but André Silva helps out from behind and can clear with a header. No danger.

15. Min


Almost a quarter of an hour has passed and apart from Gnabry’s shot at the post, who is too energetic in the aerial duel against Simakan and is called off for foul play, there are still no scenes worth reporting in the penalty area. The game is still quite entertaining.

12. Min


Again, the people of Leipzig press extremely high and Upamecano again stumbles against his ex-colleagues. The Bayern defender now resolutely hits the ball wide against three attacking Saxons. The throw-in then gives the Munich team enough time to rearrange themselves defensively.

9. Min


But the Reds also have Dusel now. Upamecano was the last man to lose the ball to Olmo, who was down to De Ligt but hesitated too long before dribbling. The Dutchman therefore resolutely tackles and separates Olmo from the ball.

8. Min


Post for Munich! Now the guests from the Isar press up and promptly work out the ball. Sané sends Gnabry over the left, who simply pulls in the direction of the long corner from 14 meters. Blaswich stretches in vain, but the powerful shot only hits the right post. Lucky for the Saxons.

7. Min


Bayern are also getting into the game now, but without getting dangerously close to the opposing third. RBL works well against the ball.

4. Min


The Saxons start very alert and energetic and immediately put Bayern under pressure with high pressing. The record champions, on the other hand, still have a hard time in the early minutes.

1. Min


Kick-off in the Red Bull Arena. With the exception of a few red accents, the hosts are dressed entirely in white. The guests from Munich are dressed completely in black. Here we go.


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The record today speaks clearly for the German record champions, who have only lost one of their 15 competitive games against the Saxons (nine wins, five draws). FCB are currently unbeaten in ten duels with the Red Bulls and have also won both of their last two away games at the Red Bull Arena.


At RB Leipzig there are four changes tonight compared to the 2-1 away win in Bremen, with which the Saxons said goodbye to the World Cup break: Dani Olmo, Mohamed Simakan, Konrad Laimer and Marcel Halstenberg start for Christopher Nkunku , Amadou Haïdara, Benjamin Henrichs and David Raum.


Let’s take a look at the line-ups: At FC Bayern, new signing Yann Sommer is right between the posts for the seriously injured Manuel Neuer. In addition, Matthijs de Ligt and Alphonso Davies will play for Kingsley Coman (bench) and Lucas Hernández (torn cruciate ligament). Compared to the last competitive game against Schalke (2-0), there are three changes to the starting lineup for the Reds.


The fact that both teams really want to play football is also evident from their ball possession rates. Bayern (66%) and Leipzig (58%) are the two Bundesliga clubs that have had the ball the longest on average in league operations so far this season.


Both teams presented themselves in remarkably strong form before the World Cup break. While the Red Bulls have won their last four league games in a row, the Munich side have won ten competitive games in a row. The last time that happened on the Isar was in autumn 2020 under Hansi Flick.


The long Bundesliga break will end with a real top game tonight. No other team in the Bundesliga has so far scored more points in their own stadium than the Red Bulls, who are unbeaten at home and scored 19 out of 21 points in the Red Bull Arena. FC Bayern, on the other hand, is the Bundesliga’s strongest away team and has conceded 17 out of a possible 24 points from just seven goals in eight away games.


Good evening and welcome from the Red Bull Arena. This is where RB Leipzig will host FC Bayern Munich at 8:30 p.m. tonight as part of the 16th match day of the Bundesliga.



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