Rayo Vallecano expressed his complaint to the Federation to “invalidate the last day when considering that the competition was adulterated” for playing all the games except Deportivo-Fuenlabrada, according to sources from the Madrid club, who are proposing a promotion with six clubs. .

“From Rayo we consider that the competition has been adulterated and therefore we believe that the last day should be invalidated and repeated,” they point out from the Madrid team.

One of his players, the Franco-Moroccan striker Yacine Qasmi, did not play the last league game against Racing Santander due to “good sense” when his coach, Paco Jémez, met a few days ago having dinner with a player from Fuenlabrada (club in which there have been positives from two technicians and seven soccer players). For Rayo Vallecano “health will always be above any sporting result and above any game, no matter how important and transcendent it is.”

On the return from Santander, all Rayo staff members underwent a PCR test on Tuesday and since then have been isolated at home until the results of these tests are known.

Vacation with return obligation

From that moment, the footballers will start their vacation with “the obligation to return to work if the complaint to the Federation to return to play the last day prospers”, something that they trust in the Madrid club. One of the solutions proposed by Rayo, and that other teams involved “would not look bad either, is a promotion with six clubs,” according to reports from the Madrid club.

Rayo Vallecano the result of Deportivo-Fuenlabrada influenced his promotion options. On the one hand, he had to win his match against Racing, expect that Fuenlabrada lost at Riazor with Deportivo and Elche lost or tied at home with Oviedo.