Raverta and the problem of Argentines “who will not be able to retire”

The executive director of ANSES, Fernanda Raventahighlighted the importance of approving a law that resolves the situation of 9 out of 10 women and 7 out of 10 men who will reach retirement age without having the necessary 30 years of contributions, can retire.

Two years after the start of her administration and interviewed by TlamRaverta evaluated the measures adopted, welcomed the project by senators from the Frente de Todos to create a new moratorium with contributions not made until 2008 and ruled out that this proposal collides with the agreement with the IMF.

“It was two years of a lot of work and management in an organization that, for us, is the heart of the national State. We took over in the midst of the first wave of contagion from the pandemic, with the difficulties that this health emergency had. But We had two clear objectives: recover lost time in terms of institutional intelligence and attention, and recover the purchasing power of the income generated from Anses benefits,” he said.

“We inaugurated 40 new offices, we put the offices in infrastructure conditions and we trained all our workers, who took exams to be equal in terms of training,” added Raverta.

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In addition, he assured that with Decree No. 840 signed by Alberto Fernndez in October 2020, “we incorporated 970,000 children into the Universal Child Allowance; and, based on the Decree that instrumented the possibility of having years of contributions for care tasks by With each child, we managed to ensure that more than 150,000 women could access a pension, even when they did not reach the years that they could pay with moratoriums”.

Raverta also highlighted that “last year we managed to beat inflation and recovered part of the 20 (percentage) points of purchasing power lost during the previous government.”

“We believe that we have to continue making an effort. We still have a long way to go and we work every day to improve the income of Argentines who depend on Social Security,” he added.

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Regarding the bill that was presented in the National Senate for a new moratorium, he indicated that “it is very important.”

“Today there is a law in force that allows people who do not reach 30 years of contributions to retire, and that expires in two and a half months. Therefore, there must be a law that solves this problem of Argentines who do not they will be able to access retirement. For Anses it is absolutely imperative that Argentine men and women continue to have the possibility of retiring,” he concluded.



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