Led by 16 points in the fourth quarter, Lamar Jackson and his teammates went to snatch the victory in overtime.

Baltimore Ravens (4-1) – Indianapolis Colts (1-4) : 31-25 a.p.

It only took a quarter-time (and a few minutes of overtime) for the Ravens to win this meeting. It’s hard to imagine the frustration the Colts must feel at the end of this game. Indianapolis had done everything it took to make things easier for itself during the first 45 minutes of a meeting that Frank Reich’s men dominated head and shoulders.

Unfortunately, they left an opening for Lamar Jackson (37/43, 442 yards and 4 TDs + 14 runs and 62 yards) to return and the quarterback rushed into it without asking any questions … by air this time . Carson Wentz (25/35, 402 yards and 2 TDs), he perhaps delivers his best game under the colors of the Colts, but died at the worst time.

Jonathan Taylor, man of the match for three quarters

Yet it all starts out like a dream for Indianapolis. The first flash in the night of Baltimore is the work of Jonathan Taylor (15 races, 53 yards and 1 TD + 3 receptions, 116 yards and 1 TD). The running back, man of the match on the Colts side, catches a screen pass from Carson Wentz on the scrimmage line and puts the gas on 76 yards to open the score of the meeting (0-7). It will be the only touchdown of this first half. It must be said that Indianapolis arrived prepared.

Defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus’ scheme works wonderfully and bothers the Ravens considerably. The first four offensive series end with punts and Lamar Jackson has no solutions. His attempts at races were aborted and the defensive backfield of the visitors held the shock… for now. We must wait until the very end of the first period to see the first and only points from Baltimore during the first thirty minutes (3-7). It is meager for this supposed offensive power. Opposite, however, the attack has no problem moving forward. And even if Carson Wentz loses a ball in the red zone on a sack from Odafeh Oweh, the Colts do not lose confidence.

They register a 10-0 straddling the two halves. A first field goal (3-10), then a new touchdown after returning from the locker room (3-16) on a magnificent pass of 42 yards for Michael Pittman (6 receptions, 89 yards and 1 TD). In the process, Lamar Jackson loses a ball a few centimeters from the opposing in-goal, recovered by Darius Leonard. His attack improves this ball with a new touchdown from Jonathan Taylor, on the ground this time (3-22). We think then that the match is folded, but it is bad to know Lamar Jackson.

Too bad for the record

That’s when Baltimore decides to step up a gear. Finished shopping. Too bad for this famous record for the number of consecutive games at 100 yards on the ground (the Ravens will fail at 86). The airs will be the salvation of Jim Harbaugh’s men. Taking advantage of the absences and injuries that accumulate in the defensive backs of the Colts, Lamar Jackson will begin to cut this defense.

The locals will score 22 points in just over 15 minutes. The three touchdowns will therefore come from the air thanks in particular to two players on fire: Marquise Brown (9 receptions, 125 yards and 2 TDs) and especially Mark Andrews (11 receptions, 147 yards and 2 TDs). The first catches a pass from 42 yards to the end zone, while the second catches the next two on 5 and 4 yards. Indianapolis is overwhelmed and only responds with a meager kick in this final quarter (25-25).

Baltimore’s defense has closed ranks and the Colts are getting nowhere, like this field goal blocked by Calais Campbell less than 5 minutes from the end. The two teams are therefore heading for extra time, but the momentum is such that there is no longer any doubt about the outcome. Baltimore wins the toss and crosses the field in 10 snaps. The 10th will be a 5-yard pass from Jackson to Marquise Brown (again!) To conclude a meeting that kept us going until the end.

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