Danzel S., better known as rapper Bigidagoe, is no longer in prison. He was released today.

The lawyer of S. confirms this. The rapper was arrested last night by an arrest team on Kleefkruidstraat in Zuidoost. He was in a car with three others, who were also arrested. One of the occupants threw away a firearm while fleeing and ammunition was found in the car.


The four were arrested because of a tip about the firearm that was in the car. The driver of the car tried to drive away when he got a stop sign and collided with one of the cars of the arrest team. A parked car was also damaged.

It is not the first time that the rapper has been blindfolded by an arrest team. In February, like a number of others, he was arrested on the Karspeldreef. The Public Prosecution Service said that those arrests may have prevented an armed conflict. However, Danzel S. was released after a few days.


Last week, a video clip of the rapper appeared in which several pistols were shown.

It is unknown if the other three suspects are still in custody.