Rapid swabs chaos, pharmacists: “Fear of the virus and system in tilt”. 17,000 Sardinians locked up at home

With the super-infectious Omicron variant, which one month after entering Sardinia is responsible for seven out of ten infections (here the latest bulletin), we run back to the pharmacy to get a quick swab: there are no longer those in line the “safe” Christmas lunch with relatives; and there are not only the damned of public hygiene who desperately need the certificate of beginning or end of isolation, or the irreducible no vax who to go to work will swab every two days until February 15.

There are those who take the test once, twice, three, even four times within a few days. “There is psychosis, at this moment we are noticing that people get scared much more easily”, warns Pierluigi Annis, president of Federfarma Sardinia. In his pharmacy in Terralba, no fewer than 150 people queue every day. there are so many that it becomes more and more difficult not to have contact with a positive. This is why people worry “.

“If we answered all the requests we would make 500 tampons a day”, summarizes Sara Pedrazzini, owner of the pharmacy in via Bacaredda in Cagliari. Even yesterday morning there was a line of people patiently waiting for their turn. Customers from the pre-Covid era arrived to buy or collect drugs, and Omicron convicts rushed to take the quick test. “If there are as many as during the holidays? There are many more – underlines Dr. Pedrazzini – because the ASL is in great difficulty “.

CLAIMS – Meanwhile, almost 17 thousand Sardinians are forced home because they are positive for Covid-19: an army of people, far from social life, forced to review their habits and find entertainment and activities to pass the time waiting to be able to resume hand your life. TV series on various platforms seem to be the favorite pastimes for those in quarantine.

As for Chiara Melis, closed alone at home since December 27th. “I took advantage of the subscription, I always have little time to watch TV, now I always have the remote control in my hand. I am all day in my pajamas, I read the newspapers and I started a new book, for food I rely on friends who leave it in front of the door. I gave up sport, I can’t train at home “.

There are those who devote themselves to pastry-making, those to yoga, those who take the opportunity to get back into the good habit of reading newspapers and books. Waiting to be able to return to leave the house.


All the details on L’Unione Sarda on newsstands today

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