Ralf Hochscherff is the new President of Alemannia Aachen

On Saturday, Alemannia Aachen voted for Ralf Hochscherff as the new president at the general meeting. He got around 70 percent of the vote.

A member of Alemannia found a new place during the general meeting: Ralf Hochscherff was elected President of Alemannia Aachen and was therefore allowed to take a seat in the front of the stage. He was able to prevail in the election against his competitor Thomas Gronen.

Gronen and his team of experienced members of the Presidium stood for election and relied on experience and continuity. Ralf Hochscherff and his team see themselves as a kind of new beginning and want to focus on the topics of transparency and better communication.

The mood at the meeting at Tivoli flared up at the latest when the election victory was announced. Standing ovations, lots of applause and chants from the upper echelons accompanied the 44-year-old’s victory.

In the election there were 229 votes for Ralf Hochscherff and only 94 for the 49-year-old Gronen. One vote was invalid, three members abstained.

President Hochscherff was to be followed by Andreas Görtges as Vice President, Tobias Fischer as Treasurer and Heiko Platz as assessor. All three were elected with around 80 percent each.

All three accepted the election.

You can follow the general meeting live on our blog.

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