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Despite the stability of gold prices in Egypt, this morning, Sunday, July 18, 2021, at the low prices that they achieved on Friday evening, in response to the decline in the price of gold globally, at that time, it raises concern among investors due to market uncertainty, especially with the spread of the mutated Corona virus. “Delta” in a number of countries and its tendency to close, at a time when the American economic data came reassuring, and experts confirm that whoever buys gold for investment has to wait a bit until visions become clear and the market direction is determined during the next few period.

And the Gold Division in Egypt announced this morning that the price of 24-carat gold is 904 pounds, and the price of 21-carat gold is the most prevalent in Egypt, 792 pounds, and 18-carat gold is at 676 pounds, and the gold pound is at 6336 pounds.

The price of gold stabilized on the global stock exchange this morning, due to the cessation of trading on gold for the second day, to close the global stock exchanges and markets for the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, after it achieved a remarkable decline just before the closure.

Gold prices were affected globally, recently by the US government data, which was announced on Friday evening, which showed an increase in the retail sales index, with its core value, by 1.3%, in the month of June, while analysts had expected a rise of 0.4%, which caused gold to drop in spot transactions by 1.5%. 0.8%, and gold futures fell by 0.9%, and in contrast, the dollar index rose by 0.1%, as they have an inverse relationship, but the move was our start due to fears of the spread of the mutated Corona virus “Delta”.

And the price of 21 karat gold, the most prevalent in Egypt, in the financial markets, this morning, Sunday, was 800.74 pounds, while the “ounce” recorded, 1,812.36 dollars, which are the closing prices on Friday evening.

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