Showers by Hanna He left two adults and a minor dragged by the heavy rains in Monterrey, fortunately the rescue was achieved.

In addition, Civil Protection elements supported the eviction of more than 700 people who were at risk from runoff.

In Cadereyta, more than 400 people were rescued and two were taken hostels.

“We are one of the municipalities where Hanna’s water hit us the most and we had to help around 500 people and get them out of their place of residence.”

Ernesto Quintanilla, Mayor of Cadereyta Jiménez, NL.

Hanna’s passage through Nuevo León left the road and highway closure, as well as a sinkhole in the Bosques del Valle neighborhood in San Pedro.

During the weekend, there were even those who took out an inflatable mattress to walk the streets. In another part of the state, farm animals were rescued.

The highway authorities rescued dozens of motorists who attempted to cross them from the overpasses.

As a preventive measure, the public transport service was canceled from 2 pm on Sunday and throughout this Monday.

HAnna was degraded but its presence on the national territory will continue to cause rains in various parts of the country.