Rainfall warning came from Meteorology! What will the weather be like this week?

According to the weekly weather report of 7 – 13 June 2021 announced by Meteorology, the air temperature will be at seasonal normals. “It is estimated that the air temperature, which is below seasonal normals, will increase from the beginning of the week and will rise to around seasonal normals throughout our country,” the statement said. statements were included.


CNN TÜRK Meteorology Advisor Prof. Dr. Orhan Şen, ‘When will summer come?’ answered the question. Here are Sen’s statements…

Unfortunately, the summer heat is more in the northern regions. But in the south, what we would call normal summer heat seems to be another 15 days. There is rain next week almost everywhere in Turkey. I say everywhere, but day and day it will be everywhere. Tomorrow (today) to the evening, rain will start from Marmara during daylight hours.

The second day, Tuesday, will include Central Anatolia. Thunderstorms will continue, including the north of Eastern Anatolia. Rain is moving away from Marmara on Wednesday. It will be in the north of Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia. On Thursday; Rainfall will be seen in the west of Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean region. Precipitation continues on the 5th day with thunderstorms.

So this next week we are entering a rainy weather. But there is still no precipitation in Southeast Anatolia. The drought still continues in that region. Temperatures are 2 to 4 degrees lower than they should be in the northern regions.


But as I said, in the next 10-15 days, we will wait for the summer heat a little more. Temperatures in Istanbul will be around 25 degrees. It’s not the summer heat either. What would the summer heat be like in June? It should have been 27-28 degrees, it’s also there in Istanbul. It needs another 4 degrees warmer. But the presence of rain is of course an advantage.

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Of course, we have to pay attention to the following in these precipitations… Because the earth is hot, there are thunderstorms. Lightning here, there are full possibilities, but I always say it.

We can only predict hail 1-2 hours before. We cannot tell beforehand. But there are those possibilities. In general, these possibilities exist in the inner regions as well. There is a possibility of lightning, thunder, flooding.


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