Rail disaster in Greece, Agricultural Show, Tesla investor day… The five images of the week

Rail disaster in Greece, Agricultural Show, Tesla investor day… The five images of the week

Like every Sunday, back in pictures on the news of the week. We return in particular to the rail disaster which launched a national debate in Greece on the dilapidation of its network, but also to the Agricultural Show, and the high mass of mobiles in Barcelona.

57 dead in train disaster in Greece

Greece experienced the deadliest train disaster in its history on February 28. A train carrying 342 passengers and 10 crew members collided with a freight train on the track linking Athens to Thessaloniki, the country’s two largest cities. 57 people were killed in the accident. The lack of modernization of the line, whose signaling is operated manually, would be one of the factors explaining the tragedy, which aroused fear in the country. Demonstrations took place in several cities across the country and railway unions went on strike after the disaster.

At the Agricultural Show, support plans for the fruit and vegetable sector and agro-SMEs

The Agricultural Show, which closes its doors on March 5 in Paris, was an opportunity for the government to present several aid plans to help the food production sectors. A fund of 500 million euros will be mobilized for the consolidation of SMEs in the food industry, while a specific plan should boost the production and consumption of fruit and vegetables in France. This show was held as the annual trade negotiations were closing, without managing to reconcile processors and distributors. (AFP photo)

Tesla is planning an industrial big bang

Tesla is now targeting the mass market. The American manufacturer did not unveil a new car during its “Tesla Investor Day”, but presented a new production method called “the Unboxed Process”. Thanks to this method, the group wants to cut its production costs in order to finally offer more affordable electric vehicles. The Unboxed process could be applied in the new factory announced this week by the manufacturer, in Mexico.

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At MWC, Xiaomi presents a concept of very high resolution augmented reality glasses

Among the novelties noticed at Mobile World Congress, from February 27 to March 3 in Barcelona, ​​foldable and rollable smartphones, new developments around 5G, a new stage in the dematerialization of SIM cards… But also very stylish lvery high resolution augmented reality glasses unveiled by Xiaomi. It is still only a prototype designed with Qualcomm.

A futuristic capsule to travel in the stratosphere

The Japanese start-up Iwaya Giken wants to offer tourist flights in the stratosphere from 2024 aboard a sphere 1.5 meters in diameter. Other similar projects have emerged in recent years, including in France.



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