Raiffeisen President Guy Lachappelle is stepping down at the end of the month

There is a surprising change at the top at the Raiffeisen Group. Chairman of the Board of Directors Guy Lachappelle announced his resignation on Thursday, July 15, 2021, because he had made a “very big mistake” in connection with a love affair.

Before he became Chairman of the Board of Directors at Raiffeisen two and a half years ago, Lachappelle was head of Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) for many years. A love affair that started in 2017 and lasted only a short time brought him down, Lachappelle said on Thursday at a short-term media conference.

This love affair, which he himself ended, is still followed by Guy Lachappelle today. The woman has always sought his closeness, but also portrayed him as a psychopath in a legally banned book.

Report to the Basel public prosecutor’s office

This week this woman reported him to the public prosecutor’s office because of an internal email from the Basler Kantonalbank that he had given her in 2017. The topic was the internal transformation of the bank. The woman also leaked this document to the media.

Guy Lachappelle assumes that he has not done anything criminally relevant. From the point of view of integrity, however, his actions cannot be excused.

“I’m ashamed of it,” he said in front of the media. He made a very big mistake for which he had to pay bitterly. Lachappelle assured the public prosecutor’s office full cooperation in the investigation.

As Raiffeisen President, however, he was not guilty of anything, Lachappelle continued. He always kept private and business matters separate and paid his advisors himself.

In front of the media, Lachappelle apologized not only to all companies in which he had functions, but also to his family. He has now worked through his marital problems, and he and his wife are “a strong team”.

Withdrawal from the financial sector

Professionally, he will lose a lot, maybe also his existence and reputation. But his former lover will not be able to destroy his family, said Guy Lachappelle with tears. He announced that he would also resign from his other offices and withdraw from the financial sector.

Guy Lachappelle will be stepping down from the Raiffeisen Chairman of the Board of Directors at the end of July. The banking group announced on Thursday that he would still be available to the company until then to ensure a smooth transition.

Vice-President Pascal Gantenbein, who will lead the Presidium ad interim until the next General Assembly, will take over his official duties with immediate effect. Gantenbein had already headed the Board of Directors once after the resignation of Johannes Rüegg-Stürm.

You can read a portrait of the resigning Raiffeisen President here.

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