Rahma Ahmed’s separation (which is profitable from her husband) is causing an uproar.. and the last: (My wife’s biography is on everyone’s lips)

From the first television work, Rahma Ahmed demonstrated her artistic talent and the extent of her ingenuity in one of the most difficult types of art, which is comedy. It is the comedian whose sixth series, “The Great Strong,” announced her birthday, Rahma Ahmed, or as the audience knew her, profitable.

Rahma kidnapped the hearts and drew laughter on the faces with her brilliance in the first episodes. He even started comparing her with the artist Donia Samir Ghanem, who played the role of the artist’s wife Ahmed Makki in its first parts, but Rahma objected to this comparison, acknowledging that Donia Samir Ghanem is a big star and that any comparison is not in her favour.

The pioneers of social networking circulated news of the divorce of the artist Rahma Ahmed from her husband, Ahmed Mansour, because of her last scenes in the bedroom with Ahmed Makki in the series Al-Kabeer Oy 6, but the artist has not yet stated the denial or proof.

Rahma Ahmed’s husband had posted on his personal account on Facebook, where he shared more than one publication for his wife with pictures of her from the series, and each of them wrote different comments on me in a sarcastic manner.

And the last comment written by Ahmed Mansour about his wife’s performance was through his participation in a set of pictures of Rahma from the series, specifically the scene of strange costumes in the bedroom with Ahmed Makki, and he wrote on it: “I watched the episode and went to work. I came back to find my wife’s biography on every tongue, and this statement is what prompted Many followers consider the divorce actually taking place.

Ahmed Mansour shared more than one other publication by Rahma, including, for example, a group of other photos from different scenes of her that she is able to carry out multiple tasks at the same time, and he wrote sarcastically: “Medicine, God is representation.. All of this is representation.”



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