Raffaella Carrà, the homage that everyone was waiting for is coming: shivers and emotion

Another great tribute coming to the unforgettable Raffaella Carrà. The great disappeared showgirl will be remembered with an event

A little over a year has passed since his tragic and unexpected death. But the Italian entertainment world and not only still cries and regrets Raffaella Carràone of the greatest showgirls who have walked the Italian stages.

Raffaella Carrà (Ansa photo)

An icon of glamor, sensuality, freedom and much more. Raffaella Carrà will be remembered forever as a character of great depth, an example of a free and saucy television, but also of great quality and entertainment.

For this reason, the tributes and memories in honor of the Carrà flock. In addition to the many reviews and videos that we have been able to view over the last year, the 2023 will reserve a thrilling project that will concern the national Raffa in the very first person.

Bergamo capital of culture in 2023: a tribute to Raffaella Carrà

As revealed by the Corriere della Sera, next year the municipality of Bergamo will be awarded the title of Capital of Culture. This will lead to the realization of various cultural and entertainment events of great depth.

In this cauldron a contemporary theatrical work dedicated to Raffaella Carrà. “A true incarnation of the national-popular imaginary and, at the same time, a figure who accompanied and sometimes anticipated the claims and achievements of Italian society”.

A stylish tribute that will retrace the career of Raffaellafrom her beginnings as an actress, passing through her great television imposition and also the period of great notoriety in Spain. But it will focus above all on the issues addressed, on the modern symbolism of the Bolognese diva who has now been missing from everyone for more than a year.

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The problem that such a project, planned at the Donizetti Theater of Bergamo for 2023, it is still under construction. The show has a quote of 600 thousand euros: from the marketing office of Donizetti they let it be known that everyone will undertake to raise the funds as soon as it is certain that it will be realized. At the moment, therefore, there is still great uncertainty, given that the Common Lombard has not yet made it known what resources it will allocate to the Theater for 2023.

Waiting for news i fan they look forward to yet another tender and significant homage to Raffaella Carrà, a woman who has revolutionized the way of thinking and acting of many only thanks to her brilliant presence.



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