Rafa will get an extra €162,000 from the millionaire jackpot of 'Pasapalabra' if he invests it in deposits

Nine months it has cost Rafael Castañoa Sevillian journalist, win the jackpot of Antena 3 TV contest ‘Pasapalabra’ with 2,272,000 euros.

The program allowed the Atresmedia network to sign a record in audiences (37.4 percent share, with points of 5.1 million viewers) and bring its main rival, Telecinco, to a minimum.

The 25 questions included in the donut were not easy, but the effort was worth it, since, after rendering accounts with the Treasury (he will keep half of the prize), Rafael Castaño will pocket 1,219,000 euros, which can give well invested much of yes

If your desire is to preserve capital and your risk profile advises you to invest in safe products, deposits are a good alternative.

Its profitability increases in the heat of the rise in interest rates undertaken by the European Central Bank last july.

Deposits are yielding interest of up to 3.52 percent APR and Rafa Castaño can choose between different terms.

6 month deposits

If you choose to invest all your capital in six-month deposits, the one that offers the most profitability is that of Project Bank2.70 percent APR.

Thus, for an investment of 1,219,000, you would receive interest of 16,456 euros after six months.

What you have to take into account when investing in deposits is that most of them allow a maximum investment of 100,000 euros, so you would have to divide the investment in different periods of six months or opt for a combination of deposits with different terms.

Their advantage lies in the fact that they hold savers’ money for a short time, which allows them to place it in other deposits that offer higher returns when it expires.

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12 month deposits

If you choose a term of 12 months, the deposit that gives the most profitability is that of Bank System, 3.35 percent APR. If you put all your capital in it, you would receive a profit of 40,836 euros at the expiration of the term.

In this period, it is foreign banks that have the upper hand.

Entities such as the Latvian bank Bluor Bank or the portuguese Haitong Bank, They are offering products above 3 percent APR.

24 month deposits

In two-year deposits, the Project Bank It is the most profitable, it offers an interest rate of 3.49 percent APR, so placing the profits generated with the ‘Pasapalabra’ donut would generate returns of 85,086 euros for Rafa.

The difference still plays in favor of foreign banks, although Spanish entities are increasing their returns more and more, as is the case of ING, Targobank, EBN Banco, Banca Marcha and Wizink.

36 month deposits

Project Bank It is also the entity that best remunerates 36-month deposits, with a 3.52 percent APR. Therefore, an imposition of 1,219,000 would produce returns of 128,724 euros.

A peculiarity of this type of product, which has somewhat longer investment terms, is that interest is usually paid quarterly, to avoid having to wait for maturity.

48 month deposits

If you opt for a four-year deposit, the entity that pays you the best is Younited Credit, with 3.32 percent. Thus, the investment of your prize would generate a return of 161,880 euros after 48 months.

This performance represents a refund of 40,000 euros per year of investment.

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Discard the longest terms

The winner of ‘Pasapalabra’ could invest in longer-term deposits, but it is a bad strategy.

First, it must be taken into account that the ECB will continue to raise interest rates in the coming months.

For this reason, having money immobilized for a long time will prevent you from investing it in new products that financial institutions launch on the market in the coming months and which could be contracted under much more advantageous conditions.

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