RadioChico founder Annemarie Koch hands over to the next generation

In 2007, together with her son, she founded the youth radio station Chico. Now pulls Anne Marie Koch back to the second row.

“Giving the young a voice”: That has been the motto of the youth and school radio for 15 years now. From the very beginning, everything came together at Annemarie Koch.

This is going to change. Koch slowly wants to break up. It was time to “hand over the line microphone to the next generation,” said Koch at the general meeting in the Unity Hall in Bern.

The timing seems carefully chosen. A year ago, the development association and works association were merged and re-staffed with a specialist board member, as reported by the Klein Report. And the studio technology in Lyss is also state-of-the-art and will “still be available for some interesting radio hours”.

Apart from a grant from the municipality of Lyss, the juvenile broadcaster is financed without public money. Foundations, organizations and private individuals provide the funds. There are also projects in schools.

The first took place at the Baggwil school with a 5th class of Helmut Simon Instead, the husband of the finance director of the canton of Bern Beatrice Simonwho is also known as the “radio god” behind the radio troupe.

“It was important to me then, as now, to give the young people a voice,” emphasized Annemarie Koch in front of the assembled radio club when she took off her hat as president. She is also resigning from the board. However, the 75-year-old is not lost to the radio youngsters as an advisor and for individual projects.

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The board of directors now wants to continue to steer the fortunes in the current line-up.



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