Rachel Hazes series in danger? ‘Quarrel with Rossana’

Weekly Privé wrote, based on a ‘well-informed source’, that Rachel and Rossana are currently no longer in contact. “That would have to do with a business conflict that Nino Wilkes has with the heiress of André Hazes.“Who is Nino then, we hear you think. Well, that is Rossana’s son who sees Rachel as a kind of bonus mother. Or … saw? He recently withdrew as her manager, he now admits himself.

What happened?

Nino did the management of the widowthe ‘insider’ explained.And that seems to have happened now. On the evening in memory of André Hazes’ seventieth birthday, there was a business discussion. It got so out of hand that the friendship is over for the time being. Remarkable, because not so long ago Nino called Rachel his bonus mother on Instagram. Now they don’t even respond to each other’s posts on social media.“Well, Nino, come on in!

Nino Wilkes responds

Show news knocked on the door of Rossana’s son. How does he react to this private story? Then he doesn’t go into that. “I don’t want to comment on the stories that there would be a fight. We have agreed as a family that we will not go into that. So I can’t deny or confirm it. I don’t want to say anything about that.He does admit that he no longer acts as Rachel’s manager, although he says that has nothing to do with the alleged argument.I was ready for a new challenge. That’s why I don’t do her management anymore.

Rachels soap

We don’t know yet when Rachel’s saucy real-life spectacle will be on TV. Whether the show has already been sold to a channel, remains exciting. The news that the program is coming has already caused quite a stir. For example, Johan Derksen already labeled the show as ‘that crap’ and he went completely wild on Rachel Hazes.

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