Rabbit in action! The first movements of Óscar Pérez as sporting director of Cruz Azul

The emblematic former goalkeeper of the Machine will be officially presented at the end of the World Cup in Qatar

Óscar Pérez knows the innards of the Cruzazul entity perfectly
© Image7Óscar Pérez knows the innards of the Cruzazul entity perfectly

As noted this Thursday, Óscar Pérez will be the next sporting director of Cruz Azul. In the end, the directive cement plant chosen for a man who know the guts of the entity cruzazulina perfectlya character who has been linked to football for 27 years, making him a deep knowledge in football matters.

And although it will be Until after the World Cup of Qatar 2022 when will make the new appointment official of the historic former goalkeeper of the Machinetranscends what faces the Closing 2023the Hurry Perez made the first moves since his post as Cruz Azul sports director.

“The (Oscar Perez), With Raul Gutierrez and the engineer Victor Velazqueznegotiated, supervised, selected and closed the two additions that the team has so far, that of Ramiro Carrera y Augusto Lotti”, the journalist León Lecanda pointed out during his participation in the program Spicy football of ESPN.

In this context, Lecanda added this Carlos López de Silanes does not work more than Cruz Azul sports directoreven pointed out that it had nothing to do with the appointment of the two Argentine reinforcements. In addition, he insisted that those responsible for planning the composition of the team – understand the ups and downs – against the Closing 2023 son: Victor VelazquezAntonio Reinoso (administrative director), Oscar Perez y Raul Gutierrez.

“For a long time Hurry Perez internally expressed his desire to be sports directorspoke to the engineer Velázquez, he said to him: ‘Look, I raised my hand, give me the opportunity’. And so it was decided about three or four weeks”, added Lecanda, who mentioned that the former goalkeeper’s approach to the board took place just as the rumors began about the possible candidates to occupy the position of López de Silanes.

Rabbit would have backup…

After learning the news of the new position of Oscar Perez in Blue Crosssome sectors (fans and media, especially) pointed to the lack of experience of Hurry as a leader. And although it is a reality that it will be the first time that he adopts a position as directorit is also true that he is a character with deep roots in the entity celeste and one great experience in football.

However, given the uncertainty about Óscar’s experience, León Lecanda pointed out that the leadership of Blue Cross consider the option of adds Luis Miguel Salvador to the teama character with great knowledge in management functions and who would be integrated as chief executive officera position similar to the one held by Álvaro Dávila at the time.

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