Photo: Armin Weigel / dpa

Politicians and the public are now looking at the announced partial withdrawal of US units from Germany like the rabbit on the line. This at least relativizes the accusation against President Trump that he is acting free of all rationality. Assuming that Germany would react with weak knees, he was spot on, as was the case with the Baltic Sea pipeline project or the diplomatic campaign against Iran. It almost seems brave in this light if someone like Friedrich Merz simply does not yet believe that the troop withdrawal will come as announced.

What does not change: The withdrawal of the troops is completely unsuitable as a punitive measure. It is even urgently needed. Only people who have not yet figured out the Cold War mindset believe the opposite. Those who gratefully seek the closeness of American “peacekeepers” while talking about an alleged Russian threat who are waging their worldwide drone war from Germany. Oh no, Donald Trump shouldn’t be so wrong. Germany will try to save what can be saved, among other things with irreconcilable gestures towards Moscow. If only it is somehow compatible with your own interests. The problem: it is actually not.