R.Dominicana will not pay ransom for its citizens kidnapped in Haiti

The Dominican State does not negotiate with “terrorists” and in “no way” will it pay for the ransom of any of its citizens kidnapped in Haiti, said Thursday the Deputy Minister of Consular and Migratory Affairs, Jetzel Román.

The official referred to the situation of a Dominican driver who was driving a hijacked bus last Sunday in Haiti, together with a group of Turkish and Haitian citizens.

“In Haiti private payments are made (to free hostages), but the Dominican State does not pay for kidnappings, nor do other states pay,” the official said at a press conference.

Román affirmed that “progress” has been made in the process around this case, but that not all the available information can be offered to protect the integrity of the kidnappers.

“We ask for understanding in dealing with situations like these. We can’t offer all the information on how things flow,” he added.

Last Monday, the Foreign Ministry reported that Román met with the relatives of the kidnapped driver to establish a “unique and direct” contact between the institution and them to “manage communication effectively, avoiding misinformation by third parties.”

The bus, in which 17 people were traveling in total, according to the list of the Metro transport company, was kidnapped by the powerful armed group 400 Mawozo in the commune of Croix-des-Bouquets, when he made the route between Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince.

Eight Turkish citizens and eight Haitians were traveling in the vehicle, seven of them passengers and the stewardess, in addition to the Dominican driver.



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